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Copy Protect CD-R PS2 Games

Posted By: sonyconnect

Copy Protect CD-R PS2 Games - 08/22/02 11:57 PM

Presently I am trying to copy protect CD-R PS2 games that I have burnt. I have tried adding dummy audio tracks, etc but the PS2 doesn't pick up the game.

I'm using a Neo Key chip with various games. I have also tried various programs such as TZ-Copy Protection and WIn Lock. Any suggestions?
Posted By: Bluefire

Re: Copy Protect CD-R PS2 Games - 08/23/02 11:45 AM

Well ps2 are dvd I think so If you dont have dvd burner your out of luck
Posted By: psychogen

Re: Copy Protect CD-R PS2 Games - 08/23/02 09:24 PM

heh stupid
Posted By: sonyconnect

Re: Copy Protect CD-R PS2 Games - 08/27/02 01:07 AM

Actually, the games are CD-R rips of the DVD original games. The CD-R's work fine, but when I try to add some copy protection to the CD-R ripped game, the PS2 will not pick up the game. It has nothing to do with DVD.

Simple copy protection was done for PS1 games by adding a dummy file or a 2 second audio track to the game. This seems to not work for PS2 CD-R ripped games.

Are there any CD copy protection programs that are able protect the cuesheet or image file and still allow the PS2 to read the data?
Posted By: xero

Re: Copy Protect CD-R PS2 Games - 08/27/02 03:46 AM

are those "rips" like a part of the game or something?? lol dvds are 4.7GB, CDs are 700MB...

/me doesnt feel like doing math now
Posted By: sonyconnect

Re: Copy Protect CD-R PS2 Games - 08/29/02 01:13 AM

a "rip" is defined as an alternate copy or rip-off of an original manufactured item. When CD-ROM's first came out, people use to rip-off CD games to fit them onto 3.5" floppy disks.

In PS2, original manufactured DVD games are ripped-off and altered to fit on a 80 min CD-R. (much like Dreamcast). This is done by compressing the video files, the audio (much like mp3 which is 10:1 compression) while still being able to run the game. Some items are cut from the game, others are compressed. Some games however are so big (4.5 Gigs DVD) that they require multiple CD-R disks. This is done by, for example, putting levels 1 to 5 on disk 1, and levels 6 to 10 on disk 2.
Posted By: sonyconnect

Re: Copy Protect CD-R PS2 Games - 08/29/02 01:17 AM

Basically, Sony designed the PS2 to only accept data from games they made (ie original games). People install MOD CHIPS to "bypass" this check.

I'm trying to add my own protection while still allowing the system to read the data as a PS2 game. In order to add this protection, the MOD CHIP is required to bypass Sony's protection.
Posted By: Le4rner

Re: Copy Protect CD-R PS2 Games - 08/31/02 12:39 AM

Ummm, dude, a dvd is put on the disk with a certain laser, That laser puts info tighter than a regular CD. Regular cd use another laser, not to mention the actual cd is set up a certain way. I don't think(mabey I am wrong) the PS2 with a dvd drive will read your data on a regular CD. It is probably set up to read data/game files in a DVD format.

Then again, I am no expert here.
Posted By: sonyconnect

Re: Copy Protect CD-R PS2 Games - 08/31/02 07:44 PM

It does. The DVD drive of a PS2 has to be able to read data from a CD because it is backwards-compatable (Plays PS1 games too, and they are CD's). Somehow when the data is "ripped" to fit onto a CD-R, the DVD drive is able to read the data. The X-Box system is able to do the same.

The CD-R games work fine, but what I can not discover is how to add my own copy protection.
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