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Dark Age Of Camelot

Posted By: 4D1ZTYM

Dark Age Of Camelot - 01/30/04 02:59 PM

I was wondering if anyone besides myself plays DAoC? I have chars on Mordred, Perciville, Morgan le Fay, and Merlin.
Posted By: IceMyst

Re: Dark Age Of Camelot - 01/30/04 04:04 PM

i'm sorry we dont play stupid games. try buying Diablo and you might get some of us to play with you...
Posted By: Shinobi

Re: Dark Age Of Camelot - 02/01/04 03:25 AM

IceMyst, you are mean, lots more ppl play darkage. Diablo is old and played out.
Posted By: weeve

Re: Dark Age Of Camelot - 02/01/04 05:08 AM

heh diablo, and d2/lod is not old. Just as Starcraft or even almost 10 year old C&C is not, ppl still play on gamespy, and ten. 10,000's of ppl. Just like Everquest, and ultima, and all the [censored] other rpg's. The one day someone makes something worth like a vr version of TxO or some such I'll fear(TxO=TMO). I believe Sammy was refering to that ppl on here seen so far do not show a populous for active poster to active DoAC Players. Heh Other then that, [censored] a 2d rpg:X I love my 3d rpgs I love VR, immersion is the future of rpg's wether ppl like it or not, there would have to be a world war III for ppl to go back to 1994 or before D&D/AD&D sheets. Sorry but things only seem to progress, and all of these rpgs will die in under 5 years once, and when(not if) someone makes this new rpg. It's all cycles. Just like Technology, and hardware.

People have charted, and graphed human progression in these ways were a virus albeit but a virus that moves and works in patterns. Cognitive choice of a better. Believe in something better, and maybe peter pan can bring us a better future then the way this cold world is going eh? We don't have to bicker on [censored] like this btw;/ I just care more about the ppl on here lots of the time.
Posted By: 4D1ZTYM

Re: Dark Age Of Camelot - 02/21/04 02:20 AM

Yeah Blizzard rules i own all there games... And I had many chars on D2 i no longer play the game. WofWarcraft looks awsome tho!
Posted By: Spyrios

Re: Dark Age Of Camelot - 03/17/04 03:55 AM

I played DAoC from the first week of release until recently. I got way bored with game. Between Realm Abilities and Mater Levels, it was just to time consuming espeacialy with a 2 year old and a newborn.
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