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Gang-Wars & L33t-Wars

Posted By: Gremelin

Gang-Wars & L33t-Wars - 04/03/02 08:50 PM

Yeh I know that the games sound kinda dumb, but they are actually quite fun...

See, if any of you have played DopeWars, PimpWars, DrugWars, etc. You've played this type of game before. Only difference is, as opposed to just dealing/pimping/making drugs/beating people down, these games combine them all..

Gang-Wars is a FREE service, for all you lackeys who wish to cause a little mischief without doing anything illegal. For those who like the game and donate $5 to them you get access to L33t-Wars.

The difference in the two is that in Gang-Wars you get 4 turns every 5 minutes, and in L33t-Wars you get 50.

Both are quite fun to play and I know that a few of you have played them.

Since the Deathskitchn gang isn't yet up for this new round (just started on the 1st i believe) UGN has made our own gang.

To join the UGN gang, in your gangwars or l33twars account click on gangs, type UGN on the "join gang" section, and click the join button. We will check the gangs page every day or so and let whoever wants to join in.

When the gang is full and we're still getting applications (if that happenes) we will keep the most active and productive in the gang.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to post them after this and I will answer anything that I can to the best of my knowledge.

Thank you for your time,

Posted By: olosoft

Re: Gang-Wars & L33t-Wars - 04/04/02 04:52 AM

gizzy, im gonna go rite ahead and assume you have leet-wars. are leet and gang wars two seperate games? or is leet wars just an upgrade of gang wars? ie, if i have a character in gang wars called olosoft, and i then upgrade to leet wars, is olosoft then upgraded to leet wars to, or do i have olosoft in gang wars, and a new character for leet wars. basicaly, are gang and leet wars the same game, or separate?
Posted By: Crime

Re: Gang-Wars & L33t-Wars - 04/04/02 05:42 AM

shut up !

Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Gang-Wars & L33t-Wars - 04/04/02 05:45 AM

Two seperate games... You reg and get access to the other server.
Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: Gang-Wars & L33t-Wars - 04/04/02 07:20 PM

Something tells me I should be joining in the fun, however I think I would totally suck. Also if I'm gaming it would be some kind of shooter, something from work, or my fav RPG. I dunno, /me tries to read Gizmo's mind. Ok fine I guess i'll try. LOL
Posted By: AK

Re: Gang-Wars & L33t-Wars - 04/04/02 08:01 PM

we jus need a couple more members. we're already in the top 100 I think
Posted By: Crime

Re: Gang-Wars & L33t-Wars - 04/05/02 12:07 AM

*Your Gang*
Gang ID: 784
Gang Name: UGN
Gang Rank: 221
Leader: Giz
Co-Leader: DJJC
Alliance: None
Cash: $1,922,083.00
Posted By: mensrea

Re: Gang-Wars & L33t-Wars - 04/05/02 01:16 AM

my jonconley sn is no longer in use, dunno if its in the gang or not
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Gang-Wars & L33t-Wars - 04/05/02 02:07 AM

The round just started, that means all non registered accounts were removed so you have to remake and rejoin.
Posted By: olosoft

Re: Gang-Wars & L33t-Wars - 04/05/02 03:35 AM

my acct wasnt removed, i just had to recreate my character.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Gang-Wars & L33t-Wars - 04/05/02 07:17 AM

ROFL, ok, UNLESS YOU REGISTER, every 30 days your account will be removed from gangwars. Hence TEMPERARY account.
Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: Gang-Wars & L33t-Wars - 04/05/02 06:56 PM

Arg me says no, drugs are bad sir... But we can pimp em hoes! LOL, I got enough things on my hands to do... Ewwww didn't sound right. Games that is games... keep your mind out of the gutter kids... Last thing we need are kids to grow up like me... They would be running around ne Linux Expo challanging everyone to Quake 3... ;+), at that time I was good... So good I had on my badge professional gamer. Then you lose all your skins in that summer and say bah going to stick with the designs and just suck when play.
Posted By: Crime

Re: Gang-Wars & L33t-Wars - 04/07/02 02:53 AM

yeh, what now gizzy ?

we just beat you in gang rankings

mhahah !
kremlords own you
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Gang-Wars & L33t-Wars - 04/07/02 05:01 AM

lol yeh but you're in russia for gods sakes lol... you're #218, UGN is #197...
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