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Game burning

Posted By: Ntd

Game burning - 09/22/03 03:19 PM

Hey, their's this really cool gamecube game and they have stop selling it. (Timesplitters 2) However my local video store has it so i was wondering if anyone knows how to burn gamecube games.

The gamecube game disk are 8cm DVD disk that hold 1.5 gigs, and i have found a place where i can buy the same disk but in DVD-R format.

Any ideas would be good.
Posted By: Rapture

Re: Game burning - 09/22/03 03:27 PM

same way as you would a ps2 if it allows you. You'll need to get dvdxcopy or alchohol 120% in order to get around the intentional "bad blocks" which will most likely be on the disc.

the small ones still work in just about any dvd player. You'll notice there is a little inner circle on the dvd tray.
Posted By: Chem

Re: Game burning - 09/22/03 10:43 PM

No Way, No How.

Can't be done my friend, the gamecube uses DVD-hybrid discs. they cant even be read by standard DVD players.

And even if you did, rom chips for the gamecube do not exist.

I might make a very long post when I get home explaining why this cant be done, but long story short, Its not going to happen.
Posted By: Crime

Re: Game burning - 09/23/03 02:43 AM

wtf, timespiltters 2 is on the best sellers list and is priced for 20$US- See

and no you cant burn gamecube games, yet wink
nintendo made sure of that with their [censored] up CD making.

at this time, there are some "things" in the works to solve this problem, but you didnt hear it from me
Posted By: Coleman

Re: Game burning - 09/23/03 09:08 AM

I know u cant copy gamecube games yet but what about Xbox games ne boady know if that is pasible yet? I think a kid aT my school did it but he is being and gay and not telling me if he did it or not, so do ne of u know?
Posted By: jonconley

Re: Game burning - 09/23/03 11:48 AM

In response to XBox games. It is possible. It is being done. Search.
Posted By: Crime

Re: Game burning - 09/23/03 12:16 PM

yes xbox is possible, but like alway you need a modchip....
Posted By: Ntd

Re: Game burning - 09/24/03 11:57 AM

MAD Crime!!! However it is not in PAL version so it is not compatible with my NGC version. If anyone who lives in the pacific region wants to sell it to me plz pri-MSG me!!! Anyway there is no way of burning the disk? What reader does the gamecube use?
Been doing research and found out that they are not DVD disk but G.O.D (Gamecube optical disks) and that Panasonic is the only manufacture
Posted By: Ghost

Re: Game burning - 10/01/03 03:44 AM

i am pretty sure that if you dont have the inner insignia on the xb game disk that the game will not play. however official xbox magazine has demo disks that have it so..........
i have burned xbox games just to see if i could, never had the guts to try them out though, didnt want my xbox to stop working
Posted By: super

Re: Game burning - 12/19/03 10:49 PM

Hey you guys should all know that there is a way to play your burnt copies, the thing is you have to do it over a lan, so that means you have to get a bba(braodband adpater for the gamecube) so that you can hook your pc to your gamecube, once youve done that you have to download a loader called AC loader v. 1.1 the only game that is currently playable at the moment is animal crossing but hopefully in the next few months more games will come to the campatibility list!!
Posted By: jonconley

Re: Game burning - 12/19/03 11:46 PM

helpful advice, however mentioned in these threads

GameCube FAQ

GameCube cracked

Appreciated nonetheless. Maybe you can check those threads and find some information that they may have left out. ktnx
Posted By: GrAnDcRaCkLoRd

Re: Game burning - 12/30/03 12:36 AM

Yeah...hooking your gamecube to your computer via broadband adapter is currently the only way to play a copied game. The gamecube's laser is very different from your normal CD or DVD laser. The CD and DVD drives that we have in our computers read the data that is on the bottom of the disk. The gamecube laser is slightly tilted to read the data that is on the slants of each row of information.

------------- Normal CD or DVD

/\/\/\/\/\/\ Gamecube disk

There is no way that a CD or any type DVD drive that is currently available for PC or Mac can read a Gamecube disk. The computer's laser tries to read data from the bottom of the gamecube disk, but there is no data there. Its all on the slants.
Posted By: Vechen

Re: Game burning - 12/30/03 03:17 AM

But, you also have to use the PSO exploit to be able to do all this with a BBA. I don't know where to get it probably in one of jon's FAQs up there.
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