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Halo 2

Posted By: chazman

Halo 2 - 05/19/04 07:10 AM

Man did any one see the new halo 2 i saw it in xbox mag and on the net
smile man o man it is awsome
look at the new graphics
i think it may be one of the best games to be

my question is what is the difference between xbox one and xbox two and why is microsoft letting halo two be the game that "umfs" it up
Posted By: Chem

Re: Halo 2 - 05/19/04 07:49 AM

The screenshots of the game are not how the game will look, as they take screenshots of games at much higher resolutions than the Xbox can pump out.

But here's some candy for you:

And you can get some videos from Here.
A clip of Halo2 Multiplayer:

And here's a large video of "The Making of Halo2" showing the wonderful funderfull world of game making: 2/Inside_Halo_2_Preview_2Mbps.wmv

And here's some voice acting outtakes:;subsection=VoiceO uttakes&page=1

Two more images:
[Linked Image]
[Linked Image]

And here are some high resolution scans of the Halo2 preview in Junes OXM magazine:
page 1
page 2
page 3
page 4
page 5
page 6
page 7

And one last image:

And all the current screenshots can be found on Bungies site in 1600x1200:
Posted By: Chem

Re: Halo 2 - 05/19/04 07:50 AM

Hope that's enough content,
Posted By: chazman

Re: Halo 2 - 05/19/04 08:38 AM

wow :p wow it is magnificent
Posted By: chazman

Re: Halo 2 - 05/19/04 08:42 AM

do you have any info on xbox 2 smile
Posted By: xacex

Re: Halo 2 - 08/10/04 08:08 AM

Apparently Intel,NVidia and ATI aren't going to be appart of Xbox 2's hardware. AND the CPU is going to designed to decode/execute in Microsoft Intermediate Language, while still trying to keep x86 code so that Xbox 1 games can be played on it.
Posted By: Chem

Re: Halo 2 - 08/10/04 09:03 AM


Where's your source?

From what I heard, Xbox 2 isn't going to have compatibility to play Xbox1 games, and is going to have a multi-core CPU designed by Intel.

Designing a nextgen CPU core from scratch costs millions of dollars, Xbox is known for being made with cheap "off the shelf" parts.
Posted By: Red Mage

Re: Halo 2 - 08/11/04 02:57 AM

They're actually making another of those crap systems? Halo's the only good game, and you can't even open the [censored] thing because there's a wire DESIGNED to shock you.. devil

EDIT: On a side note, Halo itself is an awesome game. Too bad it's not a PS2 game tho wink
Posted By: Chem

Re: Halo 2 - 08/11/04 04:41 AM

Originally posted by Red Mage:
and you can't even open the [censored] thing because there's a wire DESIGNED to shock you.. devil
What the [censored] are you talking about?
Posted By: xacex

Re: Halo 2 - 08/11/04 10:13 AM

Chem- is my source. Apparently Nvidia and MS are going to be in court over contract discrepancies. And they stated that Xbox2 is going to be DYI project for MS.

I thought it was a bit faulty for them to do, because as you stated, it would be terribly costly.
Posted By: Ghost

Re: Halo 2 - 08/12/04 07:27 AM

I'm thinking exactly what chem is thinking. Where the hell did you get the idea that the xbox has a wire that shocks you if you open it? Do you have the slightest idea how much money mircosoft would lose over law suits by doing that kind of thing? Yeah, that'd be one of the worst ideas ever. The only detourant that Microsoft has is that the warranty becomes void and no service can or will be performed on it by a Microsoft authorized service store. Oh and red mage, why do you think that the xbox is a 'crap' system. It's online capabilities kick the [censored] out of PS2, oh and if you have an issue with paying for it, you must be broke. You can scrape together the 50 dollars a year to pay for it in less than a week with a minimum wage job. If you want me to prove how else the Xbox dominates the PS2, please, feel free to ask. Man, you PS2 fanboys are annoying.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Halo 2 - 08/12/04 08:00 AM

:chough: I prefer the PS2 to the XBox... I own them both wink ...
Posted By: Ghost

Re: Halo 2 - 08/12/04 08:24 AM

Yeah well, i've played a ps2 (had it for a month), and an Xbox. I admit, PS2 has better games, but Xbox's online service kicks the [censored] out of Ps2. I do wish i had a ps2 though smirk
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Halo 2 - 08/12/04 08:41 AM

Man, Sony vs Microsoft; that should say enough lol...
Posted By: Ghost

Re: Halo 2 - 08/12/04 02:42 PM

heh, in a few days i can tell you why being an Xbox fan pays off.
Posted By: PussyCat55

Re: Halo 2 - 08/29/04 03:10 AM

Halo 2 is purrfect (wooo bad pun) but no it is the graphics are great if i could design something like that i'd be close to god
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