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Class Action Lawsuit Against EB

Posted By: Chem

Class Action Lawsuit Against EB - 12/02/03 10:45 PM

Electronic Boutique is in deep [censored] at the moment, as they have a class action lawsuite against them at the moment (see title).

EB's 7-10 day return policy for games has gotten them in alot of trouble.
The policy is you can return any purchased games within 7-10 days, as long as the game is still in retail quality (box, instructions, etc.)

However EB resells these returned games as "new" games, instead of used games.

While this is pretty widely known, and I really could care less (If you don't like EB, dont buy from them)



All persons who since July 17, 1998, purchased as new from defendants Electronics Boutique Holding Corp., Electronics Boutique of America, Inc.,, Inc., or any of their parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, or related entities (collectively "Electronics Boutique") video games and/or other entertainment software that previously had been purchased in new condition, opened and then returned by an EB customer anywhere in the United States.

A lawsuit has been filed by an individual, Christopher Chavez ("Chavez") against Electronics Boutique. The suit alleges generally that Electronics Boutique illegally sold as new video games and/or pieces of entertainment software that were previously opened and returned. Electronics Boutique Denies any liability. By court Order filed October 9, 2003, this matter was certified as a class action on behalf of the class described above. The Court has appointed Chavez as the Class Representative and the Law Offices of Seth A. Safier, 6467 California Street, San Francisco, California 94121 as Class Counsel.

A detailed notice is available at your nearest Electronics Boutique location or by calling Class Counsel at (415) 972-2846. That notice describes the litigation, the terms of settlement, your rights to participate in or be excluded from the class action, and how you may receive further information about the class action. The deadline for providing notice of your intent either to participate in or be excluded from the class action is November 21, 2003. If you believe that you are a class member, and you have not had an opportunity to review the detailed notice, please ask for one at your nearest Electronics Boutique location or call class counsel. If you are a class member and you do not seek to be excluded from the class action, you will be bound by the terms of the settlement and will not have the right to file your own suit.

Dated: October 9, 2003 By Order of the Honorable James J. McBride, Judge of the San Francisco Superior Court
I'm really torn over this, but I honestly dont think EB is at fault, yes they sell returned games as new, but they're in perfect condition and is the exact same as if you bought it new. And its the kind of people that sue over stupid [censored] like this that also expect EB to take a game after a week of them playing it, and expect all there money back, Bah.

Post your comments/opinions,
Posted By: Ghost

Re: Class Action Lawsuit Against EB - 12/03/03 12:05 PM

wtf? ok first off if they didnt like the game, or it didnt work they could return it anyway. 2nd how was this man effected by it? probably noticed that a perfectly working game of his had been previously opened and decided to sue. 3rd its wideley known about this so why the hell would someone go buy from them if they had a problem with it. This is complete bull [censored].
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