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UGN Official CS Server

Posted By: Cold Sunn

UGN Official CS Server - 05/26/03 09:29 PM

I was just thinking. CS is cool. UGN is cool. What if we had an official UGN CS server? Of course, it would have to be Iceworld only. And buying grenades of any kind would be disabled. And running HLGuard, Admin Mod, and StatsMe. And someone that loves playing CS could have admin on the server...

Hey, I love playing CS. What a great idea! Thanks.

But seriously, it would be cool if we had an official server that we could all play on. Also, any maps that UGN users made we could put in the rotation for testing, and have them get reviewed and such.

Anyone with a box they could run a dedicated cs server on? Any ideas? Comments?
Posted By: jonconley

Re: UGN Official CS Server - 05/26/03 09:33 PM

Hell, we just need to find someone with a dedicated box and some good games they could serve. I have never played CS, but a nice UGN game server where you can just meet in IRC and get a few ppl for a variety of games. Would be, as Bill and Ted say, MOST EXCELLENT
Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: UGN Official CS Server - 05/26/03 11:30 PM

Its a good idea, like what jon said if you can find someone to run it dedicated then nice.
Posted By: Cold Sunn

Re: UGN Official CS Server - 05/28/03 03:43 AM

Sephy and me have been messing with HLDS standalone, and he said he'd be able to run a 24/7 Iceworld CS server as long as we get stuff the way we want it. It probably won't be able to handle 32 players, but we'll see. His probably won't be the UGN official one though.

I'm gonna install HLDS on the other computer and run a server when they aren't on for long periods of time, but it won't be reliable.

Maybe we could have a UGN Official Server for the most popular online games among it's users. Battlefield, UT, HL mods, chess, etc. It'd be cool to know there is a cool server you can fall back on when every other server is [censored].
Posted By: pergesu

Re: UGN Official CS Server - 05/28/03 04:33 AM

If anything, we need a Neverwinter Nights server. That game has gone to [censored], cause everybody cheats.
Posted By: Cold Sunn

Re: UGN Official CS Server - 05/28/03 06:17 AM

[censored] cheaters.
Posted By: Digital Geek

Re: UGN Official CS Server - 05/28/03 01:09 PM

I love Neverwinter Nights. But after I spend a LOT of hours trying to build my character and trying to find the best weapons around, I found out (while playing on the internet) that nobody really does that anymore ... they just cheat. So yeah, [censored] cheaters !
Posted By: pergesu

Re: UGN Official CS Server - 05/28/03 06:43 PM

Like I said, we'll start a NWN server, and if you cheat, we'll pwn you with the quickness
Posted By: jonconley

Re: UGN Official CS Server - 05/28/03 06:55 PM

I am down. From what I remember from IRC, its AD&D stylee, right? I don't play any games cept starcraft, but might be interesting to get into.

BTW, wasting countless hours of your life on a game is insane (but it happens). But who the hell would cheat and then waste countless hours?? Kinda beats the point of putting all the time into a game.
Posted By: sinetific

Re: UGN Official CS Server - 05/28/03 07:07 PM

well the thing is NWN is all about scripting it yourself creating your own world, weapons, and characters. If you create your own server, you control what goes on in it. There are a ton of great servers for NWN out there. you just have to find them. Many people scripted thier own systems out of the NWN model and implemented new skill systems and crafts that you have to go out and kill things and craft the items into your weapons and [censored] like that, but that can really get very boring after spending hours and hours mining ore to build a suit of armor....
Posted By: Cold Sunn

Re: UGN Official CS Server - 05/29/03 08:44 AM

Reminds me of something.....oh yeah...

Build more farms.
Posted By: Ntd

Re: UGN Official CS Server - 06/02/03 07:30 AM

a cs server would be good but where would it be located?
Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: UGN Official CS Server - 06/02/03 07:45 PM

It's an idea, in order to find out where it will be, it would have to have a host first. So haha, we shall see.
Posted By: Infinite

Re: UGN Official CS Server - 06/02/03 08:25 PM

This is pretty weak guys. Like really, someone take the friggin initiative here for pete's sake. You got a thread with a whole bunch of people going "Gee, a game server would be really cool" but not one of you is willing to host the damn thing. And by willing I mean getting your hands on the equipment and hosting, or even pooling resources to build a machine that one of you will host. Either get off your respective asses and make this happen or quit talking about it. You all look like a bunch of lazy jackasses.

and before you say "Well why don't you host it Inf?" let me once again say that I am not a gamer and I don't have any desire to participate in this. On top of that, I think CS is a stupid game and I can't stand playing it :p (however if a NWN server was started I might show up once in a while).

So to recap, quit being so damn passive about this and make it happen, or drop it. That's my two cents.

Posted By: pergesu

Re: UGN Official CS Server - 06/03/03 09:12 AM

When I get back from Japan (about 6 weeks) I'll host a NWN server on my computer. Maybe a Warcraft 3 server, or a Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2003 server in addition. Of course no CS, cause it blows.
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