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Condition Zero delay

Posted By: Deviation187

Condition Zero delay - 07/03/02 10:53 PM

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero was originally slated for spring, then pushed back to summer, and now, via an updated release schedule, Sierra has revealed in that it won't be with us until November. Bah.

Counter-Strike: Condition Zero is the Gearbox/Valve Software project that is bringing hugely popular Half-Life multiplayer MOD Counter-Strike to the single-player masses. Introducing a whole host of new features including new weapons, model skins, objectives, levels and more, the powers that be are obviously hoping that it will appeal as much to fans of the MOD as to the uninitiated.

Posted By: xero

Re: Condition Zero delay - 07/03/02 10:55 PM

damn, well at least i have my trusty medal of honor to play laugh

MOH rocks!
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