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Posted By: flashburn013

Emulation - 07/05/02 04:25 PM

Whats a good site to download emulators and roms from. Most of the ones I go to are just pop-up ads and a bunch of crap.
Posted By: Grifter

Re: Emulation - 07/05/02 08:40 PM

well first of all just to get this outa the, ok now that that is outa the way heres a couple good ones i found
-Mac Os on windows/ /free
-neogeo for windows/ /free
-Playstation for windows/ /free
-SNES for windows/ /free/ dont get zsnes, its really gay and alotta times can hold trojans
-Sega Genesis for windows/ /free
these are some of them out there, most emulators u find will run in DOS, so i dont know if they work with XP or anything so just test em and find out.
Posted By: Imperial

Re: Emulation - 07/08/02 12:47 AM

*cough* or you could just contact me on aim via the button thing on this post, I could send you an NES emulator and some roms and we could go at it *cough*
Posted By: Moffesto

Re: Emulation - 07/08/02 01:19 AM

the version of zsnes i have works great... and virus free wink
Posted By: GoatDrugE

Re: Emulation - 10/02/03 10:01 AM

Yeah, does any one no where i can find a really good site for gba roms every time i try and look for 1 all it brings me 2 is cartoon porn. IT really pisses me off
Posted By: jonconley

Re: Emulation - 10/02/03 02:56 PM

emulators are technically legal and so are roms if you own them already. however, this topic still seems to be breaking the forum rules. please pm someone if you have questions specific to accessing roms, and do not use the forum to trade potentially illegal files.
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