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THPS3 prob.

Posted By: Deviation187

THPS3 prob. - 09/16/02 04:15 PM

hello ppl, i finally got a chance to get online smile well anyways i got thps3 for my computer and when i play usually everything looks gray, diffrent types of gray so u can tell things apart but it doesnt look right, and some stuff in color but yeah its not how its supposed to look, anyone have an idea why?

some BG info: my friend says its meant for ps2 yet it works on comp which i dont know hwere to begging explaining that. and umm after i pass a round it says press o just like it would on ps2 and well i press o on the keyboard, dont work heh.. well the point is i dont know what the problem can be so any ideas would help.
Posted By: Le4rner

Re: THPS3 prob. - 09/16/02 09:27 PM

Well sounds like your problem is this is Warez.... You never know what you get with Warez man. I would say it would be rather hard to help you.

1.) because this topic will be closed due to warez policy

2.) Because we do not know how this program was burned and or if it can be fixed at all. Might just be the affect of the warez.
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