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Half-Life executable problem

Posted By: Cold Sunn

Half-Life executable problem - 01/04/03 05:38 AM

When I try to play any half-life mod online, i get the error that the executable is out of date. It is not out of date, I have installed the latest patch. I have the 46/hl1110 one.

So then it asks me if I want to check online for updates. I say ok and it tells me I have the newest version.

This happens on every server. After I formatted when I tried it again I could play for awhile but when I went back to it later it was giving me the same [censored].

It is a copy of my friend's half-life disc but no one else but me has had this problem. Does anyone have any ideas about why it isn't working or how i can fix it? Would buying my own copy of Half-life solve the problem? Thanks.
Posted By: CyberNerd

Re: Half-Life executable problem - 01/04/03 07:30 PM

im not sure what exactly the problem is but i have heard my friends complain about copied half-life cd's but instead of running out and spending 10-25$ on a new cd that might not fix the prob borrow the original cd then do a full install and see if that works you dont even need the cd after that the only downside is you wont be able to play with the friend in the same server because your on the same cd key...if you already tried this it isnt the cd

sorry thats all i can do for you
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