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Posted By: Coleman

Gaming - 09/10/03 10:38 PM

Hey have any of u guys heard of that new Xbox RPG called, Fable? I just read a review on it and it seems like its going to rule, any body else heard of it? Do u think it will be good? It looks kool, and promising laugh
Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: Gaming - 09/11/03 01:15 AM

Have I heard of it, indeed I have... Do I think it's gonna rule, no not rule but prob be good... But I'm not much of an RPG fan but it looks to be a pretty good game.
Posted By: Coleman

Re: Gaming - 09/11/03 03:11 AM

Ya I think it will be pretty awsome, I think its gonna rule, but that s probly cuz RPGs are like my favorite type of game, Iam kind of glad a good looking RPG is finally coming out for Xbox, well that star wars RPG was pretty cool.
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