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XBox freaky thangs

Posted By: Cyrez

XBox freaky thangs - 04/14/02 05:10 AM

Its wierd u know xbox will only read xbox games and cd's you buy it will not read cdr's or cdrw its stupid, it should especially be able to read mp3cd's cause it has a 20gig hd and u can fit alot more mp3's and regualr cd take up the space a lot faster.. also read this
it talks about xbox and watching dvd's and how xbox wont work with some dvd's like all disney movies or other movies just check it out... You pay $300 for the system you should expect it to do some extra stuff not just games... maby it wont read cdr and cdrw as a preventative measure from pirated games in the future?? just a thought
Posted By: Crime

Re: XBox freaky thangs - 04/14/02 02:43 PM

it does play CDRW, but it will not play CDRs, so, taken right from i site i write for -

Playing burned music discs

Burn music onto a CD-RW (not a CD-R) disc, and close the session when you burn the CD. Place it in your X-Box and rip it. Note: This also works with .MP3 files. The Xbox can store .MP3s and replay them later and saves a lot of space when compared to the .WAV files that are standard on audio discs.

i still need to test this, to see if it works
Posted By: Cyrez

Re: XBox freaky thangs - 04/14/02 06:13 PM

I guess i know what im gonna be testing now...
Posted By: B.B.Gambini

Re: XBox freaky thangs - 05/01/02 03:25 AM

just to let u in on the secret the XBox has only a 10Gig HDD.........

As aposed to the PS2 40Gig
Posted By: Cyrez

Re: XBox freaky thangs - 05/11/02 05:52 PM

LOL all this time i thought i had a 20gig i read up on this there are 2 versions there are xboxes with 10gig then there are versions with and 8 gig but u cant go to were u bought it and ask cause they dont know...
Posted By: B.B.Gambini

Re: XBox freaky thangs - 05/14/02 05:13 AM

well actually every x box has a 10 gig HDD
but each x box use 2 gigs of cach for certain games, plus the xbox OS an HDD partition.

here are the official specs on the Harddrive contains

- Windows 2000 Core OS
(Custom designed by MS)
- DirectX 8.0a (Drivers)
- Part 1 of the OS is on the hard disk < 1 MB
- Part 2 of the OS can be DVD disc < 500 K
- (Part 1 includes the core OS, DirectX, DVD playback, some drivers and 3D user interface)
- (Part 2 includes things like libraries, other drivers and other features needed by the developer)
- OS takes less then 3 MB in RAM
- The OS has a 3D user interface when no games are inserted to play music CDs, run DVD movies etc.
- The games run in ring 0, known as kernel mode which is the fastest mode possible
Posted By: Moffesto

Re: XBox freaky thangs - 06/20/02 11:36 PM

the ps2 dont have a 40gig stock... does it. I dunno much on consoles, heh
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: XBox freaky thangs - 06/21/02 01:21 AM

[censored] you all, buy a 180 gig hard disk, copy all the [censored] from the standard disk, replace it, then use their "standard' in your computer lol...
Posted By: Surtr

Re: XBox freaky thangs - 07/10/02 04:20 AM

my friend has twenty gigs and i read somewhere when xbox first came out they all had 20 gig but microsoft realized noone would ever use all that just for games they reduced it to save money
Posted By: xero

Re: XBox freaky thangs - 07/10/02 04:34 AM

eeek xbox eVIL!! <img border="0" alt="[Devil]" title="" src="graemlins/devil.gif" />
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