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Half Life 2

Posted By: Criticalmass

Half Life 2 - 03/29/04 12:53 PM

A friend of mine works for a video game store its local here in florida. And he had a demo to H2 it looks really good and sweet. The story line is awesome I was wondering if anyone here will be getting the game or if they are just going to wait to see how it does, and there is a rumor going around that they are giving away a new version of counter strike it has more maps and stuff and the game looks different.
Posted By: Ice

Re: Half Life 2 - 03/29/04 10:24 PM

I usually just wait till someone i know buys it, then i borrow it from him and play for free..
Posted By: Criticalmass

Re: Half Life 2 - 03/30/04 01:00 AM

smile sounds like a game plan to me.
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