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Posted By: acsdan

N-Gage - 08/10/03 04:13 AM

What do you people think of the N-Gage, is it worth the 300 dollars???
Posted By: Nem2k

Re: N-Gage - 08/10/03 06:39 AM

I think you should buy a console for that price, lot more fun ... Or wait till the price drops
Posted By: Crime

Re: N-Gage - 08/10/03 07:23 AM

POS, not even worth talking about, k ?
Posted By: infinityfsp2002

Re: N-Gage - 08/14/03 10:44 PM

Nokia dont seem to know how to make a handheld games console, the frame-rate is crap-, the screen is tall instead of wide and there are no good games for it.
Posted By: acsdan

Re: N-Gage - 08/15/03 05:37 AM

I recently checked it out again, it is $399 not $300
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