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Posted By: Gremelin

PS2 vs XBOX - 02/25/03 12:20 PM

Well, I recently bought an XBOX and I'm compairing it to the PS2 that I also have...

So far, on the XBOX, I've found that the game play is quite nice and quite high res, i love it. I'd rate it above the PS2 in this regaurd.

HOWEVER, you CANNOT use the XBOX as a DVD player straight out of the box, you HAVE to purchase SEPERATELY the DVD Playback Kit...

PS2 as standard can be used as a DVD player, straight out of the box (which I enjoy since all of my movies are DVD's now).

XBOX comes with a networking adapter straight out of the box, yet the PS2 does not. The PS2's network adapter however is quite affordable and still is the only console capable of Everquest.

Both consoles can support Linux, the PS2 however is easier to modify for linux smile .

I'm curious any other pro's and con's you've found?
Posted By: Digital Geek

Re: PS2 vs XBOX - 02/25/03 02:23 PM

I've found a nice article called : "Seven reasons why the Xbox can suck it." Click Here
Posted By: Cold Sunn

Re: PS2 vs XBOX - 02/25/03 05:28 PM

XBOX Pros:
+4 Controller Ports
+No need for memory cards, but each controller still has 2 spaces for them anyways.
+The hardware overall is better.
+The XBOX Live package is only 60 bucks, comes with a headset, the setup stuff you need, and i think 6 months free. Or something. Also it is supposedly alot better than the PS2 online play.

XBOX Cons:
-The system is still sort of new, so there aren't as many good games for it.

PS2 Pros
+It can stand on it's side, which saves space if you keep it on a shelf or between your tv and entertainment center side.
+It has that bluish purple light (which was rated as the best feature by either Extended Play or some magazine i read, anyone remember it?)
+It has alot of good games for it. The Playstation was the same in comparison to the N64. PS has a sort of "We like to have cool games that kids 14-19 would wanna play." reputation. Because they have history with these companies, they do and will continue to have cool games. The Getaway for example.

PS2 Cons:
-Although PS2 games are capable of great graphics, it's limit is lower than the XBOX's.
-This could just be rumor, and I wouldn't worry about it, but I've heard that PS2's fans are low quality, and when they go out it overheats hellaeasily.
-Only 2 controller ports, even though there were 4 player games for the PS, they still only used 2. Yes, you can get a 1 to 4 port thing, but no one wants to do that.

Basically, I want them both. But I think the XBOX is a better system.
Posted By: pergesu

Re: PS2 vs XBOX - 02/25/03 08:12 PM

I've got a PS2 and an XBox. Used to play the PS2 all the time... until I got an XBox. I basically just play FIFA on PS2 now, that's about it. XBox Live is sick... I love playin NFL Fever against other people, not just the computer. Saying that it's new and that it doesn't have games may be *somewhat* true at this point, but it's not really a problem. Obviously a system is only as good as its games, but the games that do exist for XBox are pretty damn sweet. Also consider that it's Microsoft, and can get just about every game developer to write for them, the future is lookin pretty good. They've already got good [censored] lined up, so it's not a worry.

The only downside I see to the XBox is the big goofy [censored] controller if you got it when it first came out. I don't have enough money to get one of the sexier small ones. frown
Posted By: dashocker

Re: PS2 vs XBOX - 02/25/03 10:46 PM

Bah, I have a PS2. It's pretty good as far as choices of games go, but the quality of the games isn't as good as the XBOX. XBOX has a lot, and is going to get a lot more, xbox-only titles. These games are often the most innovative on the market. I got the network adapter for PS2 but haven't set it up yet. BTW, PS2 has FREE online play. FREE means anygame that has online functionality that the publisher/developer doesen't charge for doesen't cost anything to play online(except for ISP charges, of course). Thats an advantage in my book. The ps2 dvd player is pretty worthless if you don't get the remote, which i have smile

BTW, perg, what are you thinkin? NFL FEVER?!?!??! WTF IS THAT? BUY MADDEN NOW!
Posted By: $500,000 Bentley

Re: PS2 vs XBOX - 02/25/03 11:24 PM

i heard xbox has a 10gig for music and video.i dont know if its true, but thats pretty cool.appart from slightly better graphics the xbox is the same as the playstation, and you dont need good graphics to have fun.ps2 has and allways will have better games though smile
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: PS2 vs XBOX - 02/26/03 12:19 AM

I've never had it overheat, hell I left it on for 8 months straight playing FFX.

I hate sports, and it seems that the only real games for the XBOX are for sporting fanatics.

Yeh that [censored] controller is huge, its a pain in the [censored] to work with... I mean [censored], if you're going to have two joysticks KEEP THEM TOGETHER lol...

I still love my PS2, I'll stick by that for now wink ... Until the games get better and I get used to this huge controller...

XBOX Live costs like $60 but I've seen some places that allow you a full year but you're required to have broadband for it.

I think that since their makin $200 they can at least let you play online for free like the PS2, i'm all for them making money but at least drop the prices lol...

The PS2 DVD player is nice for what i use it for, its not that hard to click play lol...

Most XBOXES come with an 8 gig HD, although I've seen some with a 10, I guess it all just depends on where you buy it.
Posted By: Ice

Re: PS2 vs XBOX - 02/26/03 01:12 AM

i have a XBox and i think its way better then PS2
The thing that sucks is you have to Purchase other stuff for it, Such as Online, DVD Controllers and the Smaller Controls, Cause the big ones suck [censored]
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: PS2 vs XBOX - 02/26/03 02:18 AM

Heh, hey, someone give a dvd playback kit for my birthday frown ...
Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: PS2 vs XBOX - 02/26/03 03:15 AM

LOL! Well I don't know, they seem pretty equal on problems and things needed. You notice PS2 doesn't come with network adapter but xbox does but PS2 has DVD etc, it's just hard to tell. It's really your own choice giz.
Posted By: CyberNerd

Re: PS2 vs XBOX - 02/27/03 01:59 AM

I've found a nice article called : "Seven reasons why the Xbox can suck it." Click Here

I posted the same same link a while ago ><
anyway its all about the games...XBOX is a computer in my opinion so yeah it has the hardware edge on every system i'll give it that much. But most of the games for the XBOX i just dont like at all playstation on the other hand i have found many games that i like but Xbox does seem to be doing a whole lot better than i expected...
Posted By: Ares

Re: PS2 vs XBOX - 02/27/03 02:11 AM

I to think xbox has way better hardware but the ps2 has better games... When xbox comes out w/ better games it will rule

Any one herd of xbox2 some one told me they are alredy working on it..
Posted By: Moffesto

Re: PS2 vs XBOX - 02/27/03 03:13 AM

Originally posted by Gizmo:

Yeh that [censored] controller is huge, its a pain in the [censored] to work with... I mean [censored], if you're going to have two joysticks KEEP THEM TOGETHER lol...

hmmm, the xbox now comes w/ a s controller... which is a very small comfortable controller. I agree, the games are limited and geared torwards sports fans but the power and graphics are awesome. PS2 is so [censored] slow. when xbox makes good titles tho... they r damn good. ex: splinter cell . and the only reason sony has better games is because they came out a yr in advanced and had the opprotunity to buy out all the top games for ps2 only, ex: grand theft auto 3. yes... [censored] ps2, i cant stand them cuz i could [censored] take a [censored] and recover before it finishes loading.
Posted By: Cold Sunn

Re: PS2 vs XBOX - 02/27/03 04:15 AM

PS2 also has hellabad load times. Yeah, it depends on the games alot of the time, some XBOX games have [censored] load times.

I like the XBOX controller. I really do like the big one. But after I played Splinter Cell on the small one for about 12 hours I couldn't get used to the big one again. So I like em both.
Posted By: Ice

Re: PS2 vs XBOX - 02/27/03 04:16 AM

I garantee when a Grand Theft Auto game comes out for only Xbox, It then will be the most popular system.

I heard the PS2 Breaks VERY easy, And XBox, Well its a [censored] TANK.

Giz get Splinter Cell, Hitman 2 for Xbox
Posted By: Ghost

Re: PS2 vs XBOX - 06/17/03 05:14 PM

I think bolth systems are pretty even. PS2 has a lot of better games. x-box can go on-line using xbox live, which I have and it kicks [censored]. They bolth have good and bad points.
Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: PS2 vs XBOX - 06/17/03 06:20 PM

Um yes thank you... The best way of putting it is they have an equal amount of pros and cons and yes BOTH and fun consoles.
Posted By: Cold Sunn

Re: PS2 vs XBOX - 06/19/03 01:40 AM

It will be awhile, and probably never, til there is an XBOX exclusive GTA game. Rockstar signed a contract with Playstation for I forget how long, but I doubt they will even release GTA on more than one system. I think if more people would say "XBOX is the better system" and buy it, that more games would be released on it exclusively. I think game companies would notice the edge XBOX has in sales and go with them instead. I'm sure more games are coming.

lol hkzknight, in your first reply to this topic I think it was, you basically said what Giz said in the topic post.

XBOX2, I have heard that they will be stackable, so you can have XBOX parties and save space, that sortay thing.
Posted By: Crime

Re: PS2 vs XBOX - 06/19/03 08:23 PM

Originally posted by Ghost4126:
I think bolth systems are pretty even. PS2 has a lot of better games. x-box can go on-line using xbox live, which I have and it kicks [censored]. They bolth have good and bad points.
what games you have for LIVE ?

and if anyone else has xbox live, ill be willing to kick your [censored] in any game laugh
Posted By: Wizz

Re: PS2 vs XBOX - 06/20/03 02:32 PM

One word : Halo.

PS2 does not have any games that even come close to comparing to 'Halo'. Don't say 'Grand Theft Auto 3 III'. That game is [censored] compared to the first person shooter that I love to play online with through XBConnect .

If you want to own a console that has a great future and is starting to pick up in the games area; buy an XBOX.

Recent or Upcoming Titles include :

Ghost Recon: Island Thunder
Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Tides of War
Splinter Cell
Rainbow Six III: Raven Shield
Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix

'Nough said.

Posted By: Cold Sunn

Re: PS2 vs XBOX - 06/21/03 03:53 AM

Originally posted by Wizz:
Don't say 'Grand Theft Auto 3 III'.
The main reason not to say it is because you'd be combining the modern and roman style numbers, making it 3 3.

Also, Halo 2 and Counterstrike.
Posted By: Crime

Re: PS2 vs XBOX - 06/21/03 04:27 AM

yeh, HALO II 2 !
Posted By: infinityfsp2002

Re: PS2 vs XBOX - 08/14/03 10:49 PM

i would say x-box due to the huge amount of emulators available on it. PS2 has, like, a NES emulator and thats about it.
Posted By: myXBOXcanbeatupyourPS2

Re: PS2 vs XBOX - 10/10/03 05:15 AM

look what I think most of us can agree on is that game cube is compleat crap
Posted By: Ghost

Re: PS2 vs XBOX - 10/10/03 10:15 AM

no, the GC is not crap, XBOX and PS2 are better, but the GC is not crap.

Also, do you have live?
Posted By: IceMyst

Re: PS2 vs XBOX - 11/04/03 07:34 AM

Hey guys, just to let ya know. though x-box does have some good games, it's a piece a trash. i know the guy who designed the motherboard for it and sadly enough i'm surprided the thing asn't fried by the admited mistacks that are in it. thge board was made in 3 months and not enough testing was done on it. microsoft was just to hyped up with competing with the PS2.
Posted By: Drake

Re: PS2 vs XBOX - 11/04/03 02:40 PM

uh i own a gamecube and ... it sucks. My lil bro bought it for me for my birthday. Soul Caliber 2 is cool, but way better on xbox. Zelda... well, wind waker was really annoying with the stupid ship and taking forever to get from once place to another. The remake of ocarina was horrible because you can't control the camera angle at all. PS2's racing games own all of the gamecube games. hopefully ff12 will redeem it somehow.
Posted By: masterh4x0r89

Re: PS2 vs XBOX - 11/04/03 11:37 PM

ok x box sucks really bad the games on it arnt even good maby one or two.The controler is [censored] huge.The buttions make no sence.
Playstation 2 isnt that bad its better than x crap
but the best of all is game cube the graphisc kick [censored] the controler is perfect and the games are all old skool nintendo
so i say get a [censored] game cube
Posted By: IceMyst

Re: PS2 vs XBOX - 11/05/03 04:31 AM

the thing that sucks most about the GameCube is the controller. I tried to play super smash brother on it and could barly play the game due to the controller. on the n64 version of the game i beat the damn thing.

once upon a time i used to hate PS1's and PS'2. reasoning was the controller. i was so used to the x-box controller (my dad just had to get one, don't ask why because i'm ashamed of him for his part in the creation of the evil machine) and the n64 controller (the first game system my father let me and my brother have after i broke my atari when i was 4 to get even with my older brother. yes i'm evil.) now i love my playstations. i can play dvd's on them with out having to buy the remote like you do for the x-box, play PS1 games on the PS'2, and the controller fits perfectly in my hands. took me a while to get used to the square, triangle, circle, and x . thank nintendo for that one (a,b,c,d and what ever letter buttons)

if i were to buy a gamecube it would just be for zelda and that's it. the x-box i don't even play on anymore cause the only game i like to play one it (BloodRain) doesn't work...
Posted By: Ghost

Re: PS2 vs XBOX - 11/05/03 05:34 AM

Im gonna have to contadict you here. My xbox is great, hasnt [censored] up, i love all of the fps's on the xbox, xbox live is kick [censored], and if you dont like the big controller get the controller-s (much smaller version of the controller).
Posted By: IceMyst

Re: PS2 vs XBOX - 11/06/03 09:12 AM

the small controller is still a pain in the but ghost and just cause urs works fine doesn't mean that there's nothing wrong with it.

oh you guys know how microsoft wants to have Intel work on the motherboard again but keep changing their minds... they can't convince my dad to fix the damn thing. lol
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