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Posted By: Ice

Tribes - 12/10/02 01:49 AM

Anyone play this game ?? I bought it for 10 dollors lol cuase my friend has a worthless computer and cant run [censored] on his so we need a Low Graphical Game
Anyways its pretty good for 10 Bucks = ), There is no CD Key needed nore CD, U only need the CD to install the game

Anyways its a fun game = ) I love sniping with the partical Beem, One hit and ur dead, Its really fun, Capture the flag type of game

Anyone play the game ?? Or used to atleast (Its sorta old)
Posted By: CyberNerd

Re: Tribes - 12/10/02 04:17 PM

Tribes 1? yeah i played that(didnt buy it though :-D) i did pay for tribes II its a nice game. Tribes I was a good game too but all my friends stopped playing so i did too, it was actually my first online game heh
Posted By: AlienTerror

Re: Tribes - 12/10/02 09:33 PM

I've got tribes 2.. i like the veichles it's a pretty soft game but not a good gamer/multiplayer game.=(
Posted By: Ice

Re: Tribes - 12/10/02 10:48 PM

Ya Cyber tribes one i payed 10 bucks thou lol
Anyways i really dont liek it that much
best game is Quake 3 (Rocket Arena)

Does tribe 2 need a CD Key ??
Posted By: CyberNerd

Re: Tribes - 12/11/02 02:59 AM

yeah tribes II needs a cd-key...i'd give you mine i dont play it anymore but i shattered the case and three it away without thinking
Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: Tribes - 12/11/02 03:44 AM

I use to play it. It was awesome for it's time. Still a good deal of people who play it.
Posted By: Ice

Re: Tribes - 12/11/02 07:47 PM

its to hard thou
like in tribes the sniper is like a lazer
anyways theres this one called Particle Beam, One Shot = Death if u get Hit

Anyways Little camper and shits camp right were the door is to reload and get ur Guns and Pick people Off

If you use ur Booster pack theres like 10 lazers coming at, Its gay

And there is like 30 Guns, Its usless
they do the same thing but diffrent color or sound

all and all its allright = ) Not realy planning to buy Tribes 2 any time soon

If i actually buy a game anytime soon i would buy UT2003 = ) i think thats the new one
Posted By: pergesu

Re: Tribes - 12/11/02 10:46 PM

UT2003 pwnz
Posted By: Ice

Re: Tribes - 12/12/02 12:21 AM

How is it dude ??? Like what kind of weopens and all that give some info heheh = )
Posted By: CyberNerd

Re: Tribes - 12/12/02 12:34 AM

its called a demo
Posted By: Ice

Re: Tribes - 12/12/02 04:53 AM

heh = ( got it looked Crap
just like the first one all sierra's game are [censored] accept 2 or 3 around that range

And you cant say u dont agree cause its totaly true

Sierra==> There game doesen't do well in rating and sales they [censored] the game over with no patches no nothing
some examples

Gunman Chronicles ==> Its not EVEN on there site anymore and its only 2001 game

Throne Of Darkness==> Yet another dead game

i can go on listing them
Posted By: pergesu

Re: Tribes - 12/12/02 04:58 AM

You're talkin about Tribes 2, right? Cause UT2003 is made by Epic Games and published by Atari, and it's awesome. It also kicks [censored] in ratings
Posted By: Ice

Re: Tribes - 12/12/02 01:37 PM

Ya i am talking about sierra period

UT2003 ==> OWNZ
Posted By: CyberNerd

Re: Tribes - 12/12/02 09:28 PM

You trying to tell me Half-Life and its mods suck... <img border="0" alt="pissed" title="" src="graemlins/pissed.gif" />
Posted By: Ice

Re: Tribes - 12/12/02 09:36 PM

Hlaf-Life is one of the good ones i was talking about dude = )

Alot of them suck thou accept a few like HF
Posted By: CyberNerd

Re: Tribes - 12/12/02 10:00 PM

i didnt think you were talking about half life but i had to make sure, since Counter-Strike is one of my favorite games smile
Posted By: Ice

Re: Tribes - 12/12/02 11:46 PM

Ya its a sweet game but i dont really like it simple because people are WAY to good

U hit some guy like 10 times and he hits u once in the head and your done = ( To hard man
Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: Tribes - 12/15/02 02:35 AM

The only things sierra has ever put out is HL, Tribes series, and the red barron series. Yeah it took me a long time to be a good sniper for Tribes.
Posted By: Ice

Re: Tribes - 12/15/02 07:32 AM

hKzKnight mabye we can get together in a game one time and play around lol = )

I dont relly play that mutch mabye 1 hour in 2 days or so

I still dont know how to change ur mods on ur guns
instead of standard i want guided

They put to much [censored] into it
Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: Tribes - 12/16/02 03:21 AM

Well you can download MODs, info etc. or something like that. I don't play much much anymore, maybe one day I'll go back lol. 1c3, you check Tribes 2 at all? You might like it more, maybe not but eh.
Posted By: Ice

Re: Tribes - 12/16/02 03:39 AM

hmm i guess i check it out
I actally got better in Tribes, I dont play alot but i am geting good with the partical beam lol
Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: Tribes - 12/19/02 12:44 AM

The best for sniping is waiting out in the mountains near the enemy base. Find someone standing still, fire at the head. Especially the weak armored guys. If the target is moving, such a pain in the [censored] to hit them. I like to have a setup for sniping. I have the disc launcher, grens, mines... Hmm forgot but good in the heat of CQB.
Posted By: Ice

Re: Tribes - 12/20/02 06:14 AM

lol thats what i exactly do = )
people kick me because i camp Lame but what can you do = ), With the Partical Beam you can take the guys with tank armor in 1 hit = )
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