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PS3,XBOX360&Wii, do u think which is best?

Posted By: C1oud

PS3,XBOX360&Wii, do u think which is best? - 05/22/06 01:15 PM

Ive read the report about E3,I feel PS3 is NOT good as I imagine, and Wii looks interesting.
360 may be a choice.
PS: Show girl is beautiful! hahahaha
Posted By: C1oud

Re: PS3,XBOX360&Wii, do u think which is best? - 05/22/06 01:16 PM

UP it by myself
Posted By: xacex

Re: PS3,XBOX360&Wii, do u think which is best? - 05/22/06 08:17 PM

the 360 being the worst of the three in my opinion.I won't even go into it.

The Wii and the PS3 have different things I like and dislike about them.

I do not like the Wii controller. I keep hearing people say it's a completely original and inovative design. It's not. It's the original Nintendo controller turned on it's side and had some neat things added to it. Oh, and no chord. DEFINITELY UNIQUE AND ORIGINAL. I also don't like the selection of (new)games coming out for the Wii. No. Not even the new Zelda game. Also people think that while they play the next Tecken, they'll be able to slash and whatever with whichever weapon they use. That might be the case a few 1st party games, but most if not all 3rd party games will not have this option for a very long time, if at all. And that's straight from a representative from EA Games.

I do not like the PS3's size, price, and the fact that they are putting out a lesser version $100 less which doesn't nothing, and a better version which does everything. It's one of the things I hated about the 360. However, I will also always love the controller because it fits my hands perfectly and comfortably. I also am much more impressed with the games being released for it. And due to the fact that I have spent more time on my PS and the PSX than I ever have on pretty much...anything, the money will be well spent.

it's all objective anyway. It all comes down to the games a system releases. If a platform releases bad games, no matter how rad the system is, it becomes useless.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: PS3,XBOX360&Wii, do u think which is best? - 05/22/06 08:45 PM

I don't plan on the purchase of a 360.

I do plan on the purchase of both a PS3 and a WII however...

The controller is funky on the WII, but I do like the motion sensor and the ability that it has brought to new games, it is an innovative idea and can't wait to get my hands on one...

As for the PS3 controller; I'm glad they went with the same old "we're used to it and its sexy" design than that which they where planning on...
Posted By: Ghost

Re: PS3,XBOX360&Wii, do u think which is best? - 05/23/06 09:14 PM

Xacex, I want a chance to prove you... er, hear your insights about why the 360 sucks. Please post them. wink

My personal current choice is the Xbox 360. I've had one since launch day, and have nothing but good to report about it. Xbox Live arcade rocks, voice chat rocks, and the coming updates are going to blow everyone away. Also, the fact that Xbox allows certain developers (including myself) access to data about the gamers on Xbox Live is extremely useful in creating applications for the Xbox community. I'm still excited to buy some of the upcoming accessories which will make the 360 pwn that much more.

But, I also plan on buying a Wii and a PS3, purely for the sake of not wanting to miss out on any of the next-gen games that attract me. Still, the PS3 is really going to be burning a hole in my pocket with its $600 price tag, so I'm expecting utterly awesome online services (of which E3 left nothing to be desired). The Wii, I wont be using for online play, purely because 'friend codes' are a shitty way to hook up with people I want to play with.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: PS3,XBOX360&Wii, do u think which is best? - 05/23/06 11:05 PM

I can [censored] about the XBL... For one, if you cancel yous till end up payin for a full year (at least through my experainces); not to mention we've had issues with classic Xboxes and not being able to XBL on them...
Posted By: Ghost

Re: PS3,XBOX360&Wii, do u think which is best? - 05/24/06 02:27 AM

Now, you don't even need to put a credit card on the thing. If you want to, you can have a full subscription purely by buying codes from the store to redeem on your 360, which will add to the amount of time left on your subscription. And, there's now Xbox Live silver which allows you free access to the marketplace, to download games and such.
Posted By: C1oud

Re: PS3,XBOX360&Wii, do u think which is best? - 05/24/06 09:18 AM

If I have enough money that time, I will buy the PS3 first. Because some game which I favourite for example WE FF and Tecmo's ZERO can only play on PS3 console, so I have to buy it. However it's really very very expensive to me.
Nintendo's taste doesnt fit me, its style is simple interseting and naive,Im 23 not 13, so I Will give up Wii.
And in my opinion 360 is a very common console, it lacks of some sellpoints, but I like HALO and N3 very much. so I dont know whether I buy or not. It finally depends on its price and game softwares.
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