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GTA3 Illegal

Posted By: Deviation187

GTA3 Illegal - 06/24/02 04:33 PM

OH man, I just found out that GTA3 is illegal in Australia, i dunno how many of you knew but i just got word of it. It was illegal because of one scene where you could pick up a prostitute and then kill her. It was only 30 seconds or so of footage which has now been taken out. The game is going through reclassification and will be re-released soon in Australia and New Zealand. <img border="0" alt="[Laugh]" title="" src="graemlins/laugh.gif" />

That's just sad...
Posted By: xero

Re: GTA3 Illegal - 06/24/02 08:41 PM

in some country, greece or something (im sorry at the moment i cant recall which country it is) they dont allow arcades in public places...only in like casinos :rolleyes:
Posted By: Le4rner

Re: GTA3 Illegal - 06/24/02 09:08 PM

Greece. I rember that law going in affect. It has to do with gambling and how out of control it became. But the Arcade industry put out adds showing major politicians gambling in non gambling areas. Still the politicians won and blamed problems on video games.
Posted By: bor

Re: GTA3 Illegal - 06/25/02 04:58 AM

yeah, i've known about that in australia for awhile. Wal-Mart sells the censored version as well I think.
Posted By: xero

Re: GTA3 Illegal - 07/04/02 09:37 AM

gta censored? lol isnt that like pong? laugh
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: GTA3 Illegal - 07/04/02 04:19 PM

Yeh the censored version is bullshit...
Posted By: flashburn013

Re: GTA3 Illegal - 07/04/02 05:52 PM

Yea I heard about that awhile ago. Pretty retarded people that made that law.
Posted By: BackSlash

Re: GTA3 Illegal - 07/05/02 04:57 AM

i think that has to violate some type of law or amendment. don't i have the right to view what i want? ooh, wait, that will cause me to shoot up my school
Posted By: xero

Re: GTA3 Illegal - 07/05/02 07:22 AM

yeah thats pretty retarded...theyve been blaming violence on video games ever since that stupid columbine incident, just cause two disturbed idiots HAPPEN to have "doom" on their computers now that must be the cause of the shooting :rolleyes:
Posted By: Snake

Re: GTA3 Illegal - 09/14/02 10:32 AM

GTA3 is in NZ, its R18 i think smirk
i rented it out the other weekend, dam good, a bit buggy.
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