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Game Problem With WinXP

Posted By: Anonymous

Game Problem With WinXP - 05/26/02 03:22 AM

ok..i've had enough. The first time I installed Diablo worked. Then it just stopped working. it says there's no disk in. And blizzard has this in their FAQ. It means i'm not logged under Admin. And I am. and then i had the SAME problem with Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator. So winxp doesn't recognize these disks. I can't fix the [censored] prob either. These games work on all my friends WinXP boxes. Wondering if i can get any help. thanks.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Game Problem With WinXP - 05/26/02 04:31 AM

Go with W2K Pro man, i'm tellin you XP sucks... They were goinna recall the [censored] thing for gods sakes!
Posted By: pergesu

Re: Game Problem With WinXP - 05/28/02 09:06 AM

Eh, I don't mean to be a punk here, but I've installed Diablo II on a couple of XP machines. They were all home though, maybe you're on Pro and that's a problem. I dunno, but I haven't had any problems. I'll see how the [censored] runs on 2k, though.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Game Problem With WinXP - 05/28/02 02:39 PM

lol go ahead, phun can't do [censored]..
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Game Problem With WinXP - 05/28/02 08:46 PM

WTF you talking about giz. eh, i had D2 working on Home. Can't get it working on Pro. *wonders if he should go to his uncle's work.* yea the one with T1 giz. You star of david pusher.

Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Game Problem With WinXP - 05/28/02 08:53 PM

I pefer Jizmo thank you, and if you call me anything but Giz Gizmo or Your Highness, i'll remove your bulletin board access wink .
Posted By: dashocker

Re: Game Problem With WinXP - 05/28/02 10:04 PM

heh, My diablo II game if [censored] up also. I have the expansion and I cant get the original to work. Problem with a file on the disk. I think people just cant write code these days. I mean, aoeII:ak crashes my win98 box if you quit the game and then try and start it up again l8r. MSoft cant even write software for their own OS, u expect other companies to do better? hah, i think not. oh wait, none of this has to do with the topic. [censored]! L8r...


Posted By: Deviation187

Re: Game Problem With WinXP - 06/09/02 07:32 PM

Hell yeah gizmo, the best decision i made was when i went to win2k, the only problems were i had to get a driver for my modem, and thats it, but thats not win2k's fault, and yeep XP just sucked like hell, (if anybody wants it let me know) lol...
Posted By: bor

Re: Game Problem With WinXP - 06/15/02 12:41 PM

Well, from what I've heard at least, Pro is MUCH more NT based than Home. Only thing I can think of is maybe Pro runs NTFS by default and Home runs Fat32? I dunno. Just a guess.
Posted By: xero

Re: Game Problem With WinXP - 06/21/02 03:14 AM

Both XP Pro and XP home comes from the same OS, which is 2k. Pro just comes with more features like for better security, etc i.e server stuff. And BTW, XP is just 2k with a few extra features and a gay new UI...XP is just targeting the home users instead of corporate, like 2k originally was. And go with 2k, its so much better. XP is just evil, maybe its just me but me and XP dont get along very well....
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