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The war against a game

Posted By: hKzKnight

The war against a game - 10/12/02 10:30 PM

There seems to be a huge war about Postal 2 on blues news... People are bashing a game cuz of a like 1 min video that has bad res... They say all this [censored] about the game, yet they never even played it, stupid to me... I don't know about you, yet I love the Postal series. I read a lot of the basher's post, these are the same ones that would love to put us people behind bars... Pick your side, can't force you but do check out Postal 2 and go in the blues news fight!
Posted By: CyberNerd

Re: The war against a game - 10/14/02 08:44 AM

1 min of bad video res? i didnt read the thing yet but that sounds as stupid as back in the late 90s when my pro n64 friends would bash playstation for load times, now look at them they all have a new system and they all have to load
Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: The war against a game - 10/14/02 10:09 AM

It's some crazy [censored] there man... Go read it, lol. I just hate it though, I really like the Postal series and I can't wait for 2. I mean ok sure if you don't like it no big deal, but it's just wrong to dis it.
Posted By: Snake

Re: The war against a game - 10/20/02 04:11 AM

I read a few, but my eyes get sore after reading 156 posts, so i wont.
But it looks like alot of people ar freaking out about how violent it is. Seems kinda pathetic. Who give a [censored] about one little minute of bad res video, i dont know what they are all complaining about. But i wont say to much cause i havent played it, but it looks fun smile

BTW, what is postal 2 coming out on? PS2? PC? or whatever.
Posted By: Snake

Re: The war against a game - 10/20/02 04:15 AM

oh, and what did postal come out on. It looks like a realy bloody game, if people start complaining about bloody games im going to have to cancel my idea for my run around and kill people with a chainsaw game :p
I realy intereste din playing this now smile
Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: The war against a game - 10/20/02 06:02 AM

Posatl came out in 1997, Postal 2 is due I guess Dec, never know. It's for the PC. There are rumors of Postal 2 on xbox or ps2, also that they want it on *nix. all the info u need and buying stuff there.
Posted By: CyberNerd

Re: The war against a game - 10/20/02 06:59 AM

who cares if the game is violent, maybe if everyone in the world didnt carry a gun they'd never get the idea to make a game like that
Posted By: Snake

Re: The war against a game - 10/21/02 05:16 AM

oh sweet, i hope it comes out on ps2 smile

yeah, i dont get this whole video games stuffs people up, anyone who can get that influenced by a game shouldnt be allowed to play videos games in the first place. Instead of taking away our right to play these games, they should make a mental as well as physical examination everytime
we goto docters for a checkup (though i havent been in like 7 years). Also, what else would you put in a game? 90% of todays game invovles ending someones or somethings life with some sort or high powered projectile. Otherwise games would be to boring. We'd be stuck with things like...




Even though we get sports games, and puzzle games, there is no action and also extremely reptitive game play. Whats better then a game you can clock 7 thousand different ways because there is more then 4 ways to take out each person. smile
Thats just my opinion.
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