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CoD needs help plz

Posted By: AtarisDream

CoD needs help plz - 07/27/04 08:49 AM

Hi I am here on behalf of all who play CoD for fun and want the game to be fair. Recently there have been many cheaters as well as door blockers appearing. Some are there to make us mad and it works. Some are bored with playing right so they ruin the game for others. Others are in my oppinion just not good enough so they need the hacks. Whatever the reason it is immature and uncalled for. Thus I ask you in honest good intentions, please help us. I am a newb so I am not to the point where i myself can find a solution. Can someone please give (i know you would like me to find a way myself but i need a solution soon, before this game is messed up past the point of repair) me a way to bann someone from the game or from a server atleast. I know there is voting but it doesnt work, people spamm vote and if 1 votes no it doesnt pass. There should be a way of getting and using their CD key to ban them. Or if someone can even do some hacking on the few who are the worst to use something to get them to stop. Again, this is not really something that should be common knowledge since those who should be banned would begin to bann others. I promise i would not let others know how and that i would not use it in a malliscious way. If you could let me know how or even do it yourself if you do not trust me. I am just trying to make the game right again. A few people who cheat if you want to observe them and you have CoD. we play 1.1 in koubeya server. The worst of these are "Big_Dick_Mexican" he does aim bot every day, "Madness" we kicked him from our clan for using aim bot "XO" umm i wouldnt kick him, he uses armor or life hack but it doesnt mess the game up really bad because he is still not the best with it and it doesnt kill like 20 with 5 shots aimed at nothing. Big_Dick_Mexican is the main one though there are a few i did not even mention. Plz e-mail me at [email protected] or reply here we need your help. confused
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