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Half-Life 2

Posted By: Cold Sunn

Half-Life 2 - 07/06/03 09:28 PM

What do you guys think about HL2? I think, if it had a Geomod style feature in the engine, it would be a near-perfect engine. From what I've seen, it is totally beautiful. This is a 22:40 .mov of the E3 video which I recommend everyone interested in gaming watch. I took this list from another forum but I'm not giving that guy credit for collecting the links because he is a lame [censored]. - 587.4 MB
Posted By: Rapture

Re: Half-Life 2 - 07/18/03 10:21 PM

i watched that 20min long game play demo a little bit ago. I was and still am blown away. Not only the engine, but the sound of things like the guns, little noises. I also really like how none of the AI is scripted. It takes everything into consideration and chooses the best route to either cover you, you cover them, etc etc. I was impressed by that.

As far as the engine goes that thing sure is something else. I don't even know what to say. It's just way to cool for it's own good really. The only downside is that i'm gonna have to upgrade my computer hehe.

I can't wait to see what else this game is capable of.
Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: Half-Life 2 - 07/20/03 05:24 PM

It's amazing, I can't wait to play it. Odds of it coming out in Sept is slim, VALVE has delayed everything they have ever made lol. But HL2 and Doom3 mmm. Its a new era of PC Gaming and Game Development. I got a friend who worked with some beta testing on HL2 and he just said prepare to be blown away.
Posted By: Crime

Re: Half-Life 2 - 07/31/03 03:14 AM

Half-Life 2 will not be released on September the 30th. Vivendi Universal Games has stated that it will be released later this year. The rough time stated is "holiday 2003." Of course there's no guarantee that the game won't slip into 2004.
Posted By: superpozition

Re: Half-Life 2 - 07/31/03 10:26 AM

its going to rock. Same with doom 3. Damn i can't wait!
Posted By: GoatDrugE

Re: Half-Life 2 - 10/08/03 11:00 AM

man i hate how they take so long to make the good games. but i guess there so good because they put so much time in 2 them...but its to hard to wait.
Posted By: MELAO

Re: Half-Life 2 - 10/28/03 08:15 PM

good things are always taking a long time to let's wait!
Posted By: calleqvist83

Re: Half-Life 2 - 07/26/04 06:45 PM

i cant download anything from any of the links above
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Half-Life 2 - 07/27/04 07:08 AM

probably because their about a year old?
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