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Posted By: Ntd

Game Developing - 06/23/03 07:54 AM


I am currently studying. I am in year 11 so I have one more year to go till I finish high school. I am really into games (especially cs, raven shield, or any shoot em up that has realism) however I am faced with a dilemma. I do not know what subjects to do in university (a university is a college in Australia for all you Americans :p ). And I am into coding. Plz help!
Posted By: UndeadBob

Re: Game Developing - 06/23/03 10:57 AM

i'm going to university next year and i'm going to study software engineering and in the the second year i can do visualisation (i think it is called that) which is stuff like 3d models, animations etc. that i can incorporate in what i do.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Game Developing - 06/23/03 05:48 PM

It may be a little off to the side, but look into some AutoCad classes, it may be a little pricy but it'll make you learn a lot about positioning and design...
Posted By: Ice

Re: Game Developing - 06/23/03 06:49 PM

there was a recent article on wired hmm or something like that baby the Register that the makers of well respected games such as doom, quake etc will be teaching classes in a certain Univeristy in America.

Prb is that ur in Australia, this is in America
Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: Game Developing - 06/24/03 01:47 PM

I work in the game development industries. The thing about game development is there are so many kinds of things you can do when making a game, not everyone is some programmer or 3d modeller. A lot of people who made a company, like those who made your favorite game has a degree in biz or something. I started at a young age and did a lot of work with textures at first, skinning, map textures... Then I stepped to modeling, mapping, sound engineer etc. Programmers are very important, they have prob the most work. I don't program. I'm in the research and development department. The thing about game development is you can have studied whatever you wanted in college and what matters the most about getting into a company is experince, the more experince you have had with MODS and small games the better. Take care, i'll be back in a few weeks.
Posted By: Reaper

Re: Game Developing - 06/24/03 03:35 PM

Hows the pay as a game developer? This is my only concern entering this career...
Posted By: pergesu

Re: Game Developing - 06/24/03 05:09 PM

If you get to eat enough food to stay alive, and write games for a living, then I think you've got it made
Posted By: Ice

Re: Game Developing - 06/24/03 05:23 PM

The gaming industry is a growing one. More games and companies come out every year. It will be pretty hard to get hired for one that u can make a lot of money like Sierra, Westwood, Codemasters, Blizzard etc..
Posted By: BackSlash

Re: Game Developing - 06/24/03 08:49 PM

ntd, the majority of colleges here in america call themselves universities.
Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: Game Developing - 06/30/03 12:45 PM

Game Developing isn't the best paying job, yet it can be very rewarding or make good pay pending on how your sales were and where you work. If you worked for VALVE, Id, Activision, Rockstar etc, surely you would make some serious cash. You worked for a smaller company even if their game(s) sold real well they don't the greatest money. Anyway l8rz be back in 2 weeks.
Posted By: jonconley

Re: Game Developing - 06/30/03 07:02 PM
Posted By: Cold Sunn

Re: Game Developing - 07/01/03 03:17 PM

They talked about getting into the gaming industry on Extended Play a few times. Some people on there said a good way to get in is to write a game (like you would a movie) and have it with you. Or, make a good mod or your own little game. Nothing big, just something that shows your skills.

They also said you could go in as a tester, entry level. That sounded great until I read Porkfry\'s article on being a game tester.
Posted By: BackSlash

Re: Game Developing - 07/05/03 08:21 PM

jon, fullsail looked pretty cool, i had fun chatting with their representative.
Posted By: Crime

Re: Game Developing - 07/05/03 10:35 PM

day 1 studios are looking some help...

"Day1 Studios, the makers of MechAssault for the Xbox, is looking for Software Engineers and Game Designers to work in its Hunt Valley, Maryland studio. While no specific projects or platforms were revealed, there would be a heavy emphasis on having some concrete knowledge developing games or content for console systems."
Posted By: Crime

Re: Game Developing - 07/10/03 07:04 AM

"WXP, best known as the developer behind Fellowship of the Ring for the Xbox, are looking for talented 3D artists, Game Designers, and Game Programmers to join the company in Seattle, Washington. The company's next project has not yet been announced, but WXP continues to be involved in Xbox (and beyond) development"

more info HERE
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