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Tony Hawk 4?

Posted By: Deviation187

Tony Hawk 4? - 06/20/02 03:26 AM

Dont you think theyre killing it a little?...
Posted By: Moffesto

Re: Tony Hawk 4? - 06/20/02 11:26 PM

heh, tony hawk 2 is still my favorite.
Posted By: Deviation187

Re: Tony Hawk 4? - 06/21/02 01:59 AM

me too laugh
Posted By: CryptoKnight

Re: Tony Hawk 4? - 06/22/02 03:46 AM

not if you read what they are actually doing with this game.
Posted By: Moffesto

Re: Tony Hawk 4? - 06/22/02 06:43 AM

and.... what are they doing?
Posted By: wizzy

Re: Tony Hawk 4? - 06/22/02 07:03 PM,2160,2111434,00.html
thats kind of a useful sight on reading about the game. personally i think its going to be a dud on sales because there are already 3 out there.
Posted By: Deviation187

Re: Tony Hawk 4? - 06/23/02 09:47 PM

I just came from toys'r'us i saw the magazine with previews on it, kinda lame...
Posted By: CryptoKnight

Re: Tony Hawk 4? - 06/24/02 12:08 AM

If you read the May issue of GameInformer magazine with Tony Hawk on the cover that reads "TONY HAWK'S PRO SKATER 4. CAN NEVERSOFT IMPROVE ON PERFECTION?". Then you will know what im talking about.

If you dont find it i might type it up and post it for you but youll have to give me some cookies cause its long.
Posted By: Deviation187

Re: Tony Hawk 4? - 06/24/02 01:01 AM

errr, the best i can do is rate u a five or four or something, hehe
Posted By: Moffesto

Re: Tony Hawk 4? - 06/24/02 11:33 AM

yeah, sounds like a fair deal to me (only because i wanna read the article <img border="0" alt="[Laugh]" title="" src="graemlins/laugh.gif" /> )
Posted By: CryptoKnight

Re: Tony Hawk 4? - 06/25/02 02:42 AM

Well, if you were with UGN a long time you would rate me a 4-5 anyways. at least I hope that you would. About the article, as I said, its long. Real long. so I might type some of it tonight and some later on and post as I go.
Posted By: Deviation187

Re: Tony Hawk 4? - 06/25/02 03:27 AM

ok thanx, i appreciate it...
Posted By: CryptoKnight

Re: Tony Hawk 4? - 06/25/02 05:49 AM

here is the 1st page.

intro :

The Tony Hawk's Pro Skater series has emerged as one of video games' best-selling franchises, topping the sales charts continually and annually. The formula that Neversoft has developed has proven to be overly addictive and something that gamers, no matter how much they try cannot put down. It has essentially become the premium video game drug of choice. In terms of replay value, nothing can top it. As for the level of skill involved, it's setting a new standard with each passing release. Although the calisthenics involved hold true to sitting on you butt and staring at a TV while gingerly pressing buttons; this in, in fact, a major contribution to the goal of elevating games toward the level of a sport. Michael Jordan would shoot hoops for six hours a day to improve his game and Tony Hawk players across the country are doing just the same: practicing day and night, in hopes of becoming the greatest digital skateboarder in the world, the response this series has generated is terrifying.

With status like this, it would seem unnatural &#8211; suicidal even &#8211; for Neversoft to scrap their
award-winning formula and try something different all within the span of one year. Ad mind-altering as this revelation may be, Neversoft is intent on reworking the entire engine from the ground up. &#8220;We started over again&#8230; to a very large degree,&#8221; exclaims Joel Jewett, Neversoft's President. As brilliant as Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 may have been, successfully making the technology transition from the PlayStation to the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and GameCube, the final product didn't embody the vision that the development had originally intended. Producer Scott Pease elaborates, &#8220;We wanted to take the game in a new direction, but knew we wouldn't have enough power with the old engine. We built Tony Hawk 3 on Renderware. That enabled us to ship the game on time. This year with Tony Hawk 4, we scrapped Renderware and are rewriting our engine. It's a daunting process, but [we] had to do it.&#8221; For most developers, a maneuver of this caliber would equate to years of planning and coding. Neversoft seems confident that it can so it within a year and release all three versions on the game on time for the holiday season. Seeing how awestruck we were over this startling announcement, Scott calmed our nerves by saying, &#8220;We're keeping a lot of the core physics and stuff like that. Really, what we wanted to do was make the levels much bigger and more alive than ever before.&#8221; The fact remained, however, that Neversoft had to accomplish this task within a year &#8211; not even a year. Always confident, Joel boasted, &#8220;Pound for pound, we can churn out more than any other developer, baby! Tony Hawk 4 is bigger and better!&#8221;

-from GameInformer issue 110

then it goes to talk about the game, but ill get to that later.
Posted By: Deviation187

Re: Tony Hawk 4? - 06/27/02 08:13 AM

Cool, thanx man laugh
feel free to post the rest if youd like
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