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Unreal Graphics Engine 3(Gears 0f War)

Posted By: Syst3mNuk3r

Unreal Graphics Engine 3(Gears 0f War) - 11/01/06 04:28 PM

Does anyone think that this engine will put a end to Halo? This technology is being put toward Gears of War (Xbox 360). I recently worked for atari games. The creators of Unreal Tournament. Unreal 2007 will be build on the same engine. Im working on getting an early build of the software from an old co-worker. It is going to have one of the best A.I systems ever. Hopefully i will see more of a challange, and creativeness of the enemy, not just a cheap aimbot.
Posted By: Ghost

Re: Unreal Graphics Engine 3(Gears 0f War) - 11/02/06 10:27 PM

Do I think it will be the end of Halo? No. Mostly because, for some reason, Halo and Halo 2 are extremely approachable FPSs for those who aren't really hardcore gamers. Plus, the trilogy itself is just about over, and due to the momentum that the franchise has built so far, you'll probably be seeing collosal sales of Halo 3 which will overshadow by far the sales of other relatively successful games, such as GoW is predicted to be.

Other coming merchandise and games, such as Halo Wars, are a completely different genre in and of themselves, and aren't directly competing with UE3 games.

Still, the engine itself, if it proves promising, could lead to a very successful GoW franchise which could possibly aspire to the height of the Halo trilogy.

And I personally can't wait for a GoW disc to pop into my 360.
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