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PSP or DS Lite

Posted By: Reignbow_Brite

PSP or DS Lite - 01/25/07 03:05 AM

I have heard good reviews on both and have done quite some googling on the matter. For Mods, homebrew, "Wi-foo", and a mini rainbow table both can hold their ground,...which one do you guys think would be the best, for hackability, modability, affordability, and pretty much an overall hand held pc?? DS Lite has come a far way with a few nice mod chips out there, same with psp but psp you can buy an external hdd and soon I think a mini vid cam.

Anyways point,...cast your vote let me know of your pros and cons, don't want to waste more money than I have to, I have a few ideas but would love to hear you own.

Posted By: Gremelin

Re: PSP or DS Lite - 01/25/07 08:03 AM

I've heard of both being purchasable at as low as $129; so pricing it can be about the same. So tie.

Both have their own sets of hardcore users, those like me who enjoy older classic games will want the DS, whereas others who want more advanced features will want the psp. tie, so see next.

If you expect to do video and have more hackability, psp.

if you expect to have more features, psp.

If you want a large set of games now, the ds can read GBAdvance games as well as the ds games, so for games, DS.

It all depends what you want; myself i want both... so i can play my classic games (ds), yet have a pda-esque system (psp).
Posted By: §intå×

Re: PSP or DS Lite - 01/26/07 03:05 AM

PSP's are not $129 Kmart screwed up. Sorry Gizzy. I tryed.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: PSP or DS Lite - 01/26/07 03:10 AM

awwe man, so you got one for $129 and i'm screwed :x... lemme guess, $190 like everywhere else now? lol...

Looks like i'm buyin a DS next week :x
Posted By: Reignbow_Brite

Re: PSP or DS Lite - 01/27/07 01:25 AM

go to brandsmart if u got one near ya ds lite was 109$ and psp was 199$. If you go to circuit city and tell them u found it there they do a 125% price match and you get it CHEAPER then them. So go for Circuit city and give them a number to price with brandsmart!

yeah I wanted a unit I could do more with as far as functionality. I'll eventually get all my nes games on psp :p give me time to figure it out hehe. Oh googling I stumbled on a few links that might come in handy for psp or ds. (both ds and psp info here)
and another link it's a book posted on psp hacks and mods and no it's not warez.

I found more but I'm sure EVERYONE knows how to google hehe...if not it would be sad to write a homebrew tutorial just to [bootn0obbrain] shocked [/bootn0obbrain] 8-)
Posted By: switch

Re: PSP or DS Lite - 02/12/08 05:27 AM

I have both:
PSP (slim) and DS (lite).

Theres a noticeable difference in size in terms of the DS/DS Lite upgrade.
And there is a noticeable difference in weight in terms of the PSP/PSP Slim upgrade.

In terms of picture quality, the DS can't touch the PSP (granted, the PSP is used for movie viewing as well).

I find that the DS is a great machine for arcade/old school nintendo games as well as newer jap games that are being rought out on the market.
It focuses more on a great GAMING experience.

The PSP also offers a rewarding gaming experience, what with good sound quality (via headphones only - the regular speakers sound too tinny), ergonomic design that helps you play for hours without noticing any muscle strain and the visuals are outstanding.
If you have a PS3, you can also utilise the PSP as a wireless controller. I've tried it out a couple of times but prefer using the bigger, wireless dualshock controllers when im using the console.

All in all, you need to decide whether you're after a next gen handheld GAMING device OR you want that with something more.
Posted By: Molgoroth

Re: PSP or DS Lite - 02/24/08 10:13 AM

i like PSPs, because you can really customize them. Plus, i use it for an IPOD, and the storage is virtually unlimited, because memory sticks are really cheap. And a psp has really good graphics, plus it can read videos saved directly to the memory stick, in addition to UMD
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: PSP or DS Lite - 02/24/08 02:18 PM

'eh I bought a storage addon for $30 on my DS, uses SDHC, several gb of space right there.

As for customization; both offer the same real options... Though both have dev communities for hacks, so really, no real diff...

UMD is a fad, nothing more... Like HDDVD or Lazerdisk lol...
Posted By: Molgoroth

Re: PSP or DS Lite - 02/25/08 10:35 AM

Oh ok. Well, what ever floats your boat :-)
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