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hi Firewal question again

Posted By: deadsy

hi Firewal question again - 08/20/03 08:56 AM

i saw it was asked before but i got a simpel question
this dude is giving me crap (sorry for the word)

he says a softwarefirewal lets say norton software firewall
installed on YOUR comp is atleast just as good as a external firewal lets say in a router

i told him the simple story

like softwarefirewal is a door inside of your house
a routerfirewal is a door outside of your house wich is good

cause the softwarefirewal is inside the comp you use the comp isnt protected realy

but he say im talking s**t
i got a cold and stopped arguing with him as im tired

plz confirm my lil sense of hapynes and say im right lol

he comes with the BS that a software firewal is cheaper
wel norton costs 50 euro here i get it for free threw a job i got
good routers with firewal r same price

mine lags a lil ithink when gaming but i got good ping stil
Posted By: Ntd

Re: hi Firewal question again - 08/20/03 09:32 AM

I think a software firewall is just as good as an external firewall. The main job of a firewall is to control the packets that get sent to your pc (well i think it is anyway) and a software firewall can do that job as well as an external firewall.
Posted By: Infinite

Re: hi Firewal question again - 08/20/03 10:18 AM

You are right deadsy. While _some_ software firewalls do a decent enough job, they are no replacement for a seperate machine running as a dedicated firewall. Period.

Posted By: deadsy

Re: hi Firewal question again - 08/21/03 12:58 AM

for saving my mind

i stopped that slap fight cause im sick
(2 weeks before end of holiday crap)
i myself often help a m8 who has a company wich instals networks and makes servers and computers

we often make our own routers (a computer wich acts as a router for like 10 computers and it has a software firewal)

but NTD your right a software firewal is as good as a router firewal

but NOT if it is installed on the computer you r using
the point is you gotta have it externaly to it to work on 100%
if it is in a ruter or a computer wich is build to work as a router isnt that much of a difrence
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