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bootup times

Posted By: MESELF

bootup times - 04/29/04 10:41 AM

alright heres the thing. at my school we just got some new machines to go in the library, like 2.5GHz 128MB RAM (haha) windows XP. somehow the damn things boot into windows in probably 10 (less than 15 definitely) seconds. its insane. and its driving me nuts. anybody got a clue how the techs managed to pull that one off?
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: bootup times - 04/29/04 12:49 PM

It's pretty easy, WinXP boots as it loads windows... It gives you the feel of it loading faster when it takes the same ammount of time, only differance is that it finishes it's load when you login.
Posted By: MESELF

Re: bootup times - 04/30/04 05:07 AM

ah ok. i guess i don't notice it on my friends cuz his has auto-login.
Posted By: weeve

Re: bootup times - 04/30/04 01:47 PM

or, it's how much crap he has on his hard-drive/his processor/ram speed. or, it's how much stuff he has on his startup. liek...msconfig in start run, on the startup tab it shows there. Stuff booted to the systray, or services that windows doesn't load by default.
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