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Windows XP

Posted By: 1234

Windows XP - 11/10/03 03:29 AM

I don't know where else to put this. At night my computer starts beeping. It gets faster and louder. Lastnight i had to turn it off 3 times before it would stop.
Posted By: paradox

Re: Windows XP - 11/10/03 10:58 AM

could be to do with anything are u in windows at the time or is this at post?
Posted By: bosky101

Re: Windows XP - 11/12/03 09:26 PM

could be ur ups laugh !!
Posted By: david_isis

Re: Windows XP - 12/10/03 01:55 AM

if it is a laptop it means the battery is low. or if it is a base unit it could be to things the fan, or your power and mother board or going on the blink. i had the same propblem
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