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MS Deactivates XP Key

Posted By: Crime

MS Deactivates XP Key - 06/07/02 12:17 PM

This is for everyone that is running the Windows XP Corporate copy with the cd-key that starts with FCKGW. SP1 is coming out shortly, and it will deactivate your Windows XP and put it in a Read-Only mode. You must change your CD-KEY now!. I am only providing the tools to do so, what you do with them is your own actions.
this was taken from where you can download the keygen and the system prep
Posted By: Soap

Re: MS Deactivates XP Key - 06/08/02 12:39 PM

What the hell is an OS in read-only mode?? You mean like the whole filesystem will be read only to the user?

And how would changing the key solve n e thing?
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: MS Deactivates XP Key - 06/08/02 07:43 PM

Their deactivating the key sequence starting with FCKGW since all of the generators use that. they figure that it'll stop it from being warezed out, but i have like 300 keys for it lol...
Posted By: Predator

Re: MS Deactivates XP Key - 06/09/02 07:10 AM

It just means that you can't update your windows XP with that famous illegal key anymore, that's all.

But ah well who cares XP sucks.

(and what i've heard is that it is already cracked lol, good try microsoft laugh )
Posted By: DarkDownDeep

Re: MS Deactivates XP Key - 08/07/02 10:28 AM

goddamit!! I had that stupid key on my xp install. Now i cant log on. how can i retrieve my files? I booted from an xp cd and tried recovery mode but it did not recognize the admin. password. The install is on a notebook drive. maybe i could hook up the drive to my desktop somehow.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: MS Deactivates XP Key - 08/07/02 02:07 PM

I'm using a key that has that sequence... I'm fine so far, i'm skeered...
Posted By: xero

Re: MS Deactivates XP Key - 08/08/02 11:07 AM

/me peaks at my cd key..
CRAP i guess i should just go back to my trusty pirated win2k. :p
Posted By: SilentRage

Re: MS Deactivates XP Key - 08/08/02 12:44 PM

muahahaha, da Rage loves it when a plan comes together. Join the underground - down with XP!
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