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Anonymous Proxy Help, PlS

Posted By: CampingSniping

Anonymous Proxy Help, PlS - 04/09/05 02:52 PM


Can someone tell me how you could veiw to see your anonymous proxy working... like how could you see the false IP address it was using or the encrypted data it was sending.

Is there something I could do in DOS to see if my proxy is doing it's job properly?

And also does an anonymous proxy hide your IP in DOS as well as internet explorer and firefox?
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Anonymous Proxy Help, PlS - 04/09/05 03:47 PM

go to without the proxy on and record your actual address. enable the proxy then repeat. If your real IP shows witht he IP enabled it's trash.

Additionally there are testers in programs like AccessDiver which connect to scripts called "ProxyJudge" which will determine the anonymity level of the proxy in use.
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