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Microsoft freeware

Posted By: Digital Geek

Microsoft freeware - 07/10/04 11:14 PM

Recently, Microsoft has released the "Visual Studio 2005 Express Beta Products".

For the first time in Microsoft history, this software suite is free for downloading HERE . With complete Basic, C#, C++, J#, WebDeveloper and Sql Server support, the new Visual Studio wants to be the leading software in programming and coding applications, web interfaces, databases, objects and forms - for personal and corporation use, probably as a response to the newest similar freeware programs.
Posted By: pyromaniac

Re: Microsoft freeware - 07/12/04 02:20 PM

Thanks, i have been looking all over the internet for a cheap or free visual studio. this helps a lot.
Posted By: jonconley

Re: Microsoft freeware - 07/12/04 08:27 PM

I have been using vb/C# versions and it is pretty nice. Would like to point out that from what I have read though the beta is free, the actual releases will have a low cost to them.
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