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how do you block an ip tracker?

Posted By: Legatto

how do you block an ip tracker? - 05/16/06 12:40 PM

i sent an email to someone who i now found out is going to use an ip tracker to find my adress/other person info. I need a way to stop this. I cannot stress to you enough how important this is. I am on a cable connection and also on a network.
Posted By: Ghost

Re: how do you block an ip tracker? - 05/16/06 08:37 PM

Sounds like an empty internet threat. And also note that many times mail clients, even web mail clients, will send your IP address along with your email message. If this person claims to be trying to use an 'IP tracker' to find your IP address with an email address, and I were you, I'd sit back and laugh. If you're paranoid, maybe even try securing your network.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: how do you block an ip tracker? - 05/16/06 08:42 PM

:yawn: this is quite funny...

See, with 99% of ISP's, you have a dynamic IP address, which changes constantly (anywhere from everytime you connect to the internet, to every couple days, every couple weeks, to every couple months).

Now, that being said, the only thing that one can find out against your IP address is your location... I say this because, all you CAN see, is your location... By whoising a random person on EFNet, you can see what i'm talking about...

*** Address: [email protected]
*** IP:

On this poor sappling, you can see the ending part, which is all we care about (I've edited out everything else about this user); we can simply see that "5string" is from Illanois; which would be the same real thing anyone would get about you...

All I can really do with this persons IP is portscan him to find any "open"/"insecure" programs and try to "exploit" him; or I could take and google the IP address to see if anyone has say made a post on a public BBS which allows everyone to see the IP address of the poster; the later woudln't work as I know that Comcast doesn't divy static IP's so anything I find could be for other users.

Now, I suppose that if this person had a static IP (one that stays the same) I COULD technically google him and try to find some coorilation between what little info I have, and what could possibly be this user...

From here, all I know is that his username is presented as 5string, and that he uses comcast from illanois; additionally a portscan could show that he has say a filesharing utility open that is sharing the full c drive... I could have some fun here, I could surf the filesharing utility since i know his ip, and snag a list of his files and start snagging and possibly find something to aid me in the coorilation of this ip to this user, perhaps an email from a collegue, or a resume, etc...

Now, to say someone is going to "find" you based on your IP; unless you're some 1337 guy with a boatload of money with a huge internet connection that allows you a static IP and your dns comes up as a domain name you own; he can't find jack about you...

Posted By: Legatto

Re: how do you block an ip tracker? - 05/16/06 09:10 PM

much thanks
Posted By: Legatto

Re: how do you block an ip tracker? - 05/17/06 01:18 AM

see this guy is saying his tool can pick up the four rotating IP's based off the IP he has on the email. He says he can use those to figure out my location (street adress), possibly name, and other info such as that. This cant happen. If he wants the zipcode thats fine, but it is imparative that my street or any other info that would even remotely link the email to myself remains hidden from him.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: how do you block an ip tracker? - 05/17/06 05:54 AM

Impossible, he's tryin to scare you.
Posted By: Legatto

Re: how do you block an ip tracker? - 05/17/06 06:03 AM

yeah im freaking out. thanks for the assurance. could lose the love of my life because of this
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