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Expoited by a friend

Posted By: defined

Expoited by a friend - 05/17/06 12:05 PM

I suspect I have had my computer accessed remotely by a friend who went on to read very personal information me.

The reason I suspect this is because he keeps saying things to me that suggest he is aware of something related to it.

I find this alledged act almost unforgiveable, a complete invasion of my privacy and I don't know what to do. I'm really angry, there are two things [email protected] like to do in this order,

1) I'd like to see if there is any evidence on my computer of the attacks which probably happened around a month ago

2) I'd like to access his computer and read his personal information which may also give me some evidence as to whether he accessed my computer.

Any help you can give me to acheiving any of these aims is really appreciated. I'm so angry about this, and extremely hurt.
Posted By: Ghost

Re: Expoited by a friend - 05/18/06 12:52 AM

Accessing someone's computer without their permission is illegal. So, us walking you through step by step into this persons computer, while implausible in possiblity in the first place, isn't going to happen here. Specific 'Help me hack so and so' questions aren't tolerated or answered here.

As far as locating evidence, if you say this person accessed you remotely, try locating a portion of their IP address and searching for files on your machine which contain this address, and possibly the event viewer, assuming you use windows. I don't see any other way to link this person with an action of such nature any other way.
Posted By: Artic Warrior

Re: Expoited by a friend - 05/29/06 02:05 PM

Is searching for this portion of an IP address as easy as typing the digits into windows search?
Posted By: Defcon

Re: Expoited by a friend - 05/30/06 12:28 AM

This is why we set up auditing smile

If using Windows XP Pro ofcourse

Take a peak in Event Viewer/Security and look for any funky looking logon's or failed authentication

Windows Search really won't help in searching these files. Better off using the right tools.

Also hacking his computer to get information really won't help you in a legal case. Infact it could get you in a load of trouble.

Not to mention you probably lack the skills to do so

If you have any reason to think your system was compromised, you'll also want to take that info and use it to augment your security. Best thing to do anytime a system is compromised is to rebuild it. Next use spyware and anti-virus utilities to prevent trojans from sneaking in. Strap on a personal firewall and if possible set up a simple access list on your router. Ingress and Engress filtering will help you out as well as blocking any ports known for being exploited. Infact block any ports for crap you aren't gonna use. Clear out your cookie jar on occasion too. If you really wanna be hardcore then toss on some NTFS Permissions and Encryption.

Don't think of this as a personal attack, but a learning experiance. Your friend was successfully able to remotely access your computer. How did he do it? How can you protect yourself? Use this as an oppertunity to get a better understanding of your operating system and basic network security.
Posted By: Artic Warrior

Re: Expoited by a friend - 05/31/06 12:26 AM

cool, I had zilch in my security smile
Posted By: Molgoroth

Re: Expoited by a friend - 02/24/08 10:16 AM

yeah man, if you can get your friend to invite you too his house, go to

that is a free little remote acces tool where if you are physically at their comp, you can install it, and then you can get full access. Thats what i would do. SImple, but effective.

as most teenagers consider "hacking" this will get you in the computer, and let you connect from your house. You cant share files, but you ping IP adresses, view the network, and if its a computer on the router, you can set up a packet sniffer to pick up passwrds.

Re: Expoited by a friend - 04/08/09 09:53 AM

yeah check your systems log entry of logons around the date and time you suspect this happend open start open control panel go too administartive tools check event viewer and then you will see if he has a computer or maybe even she blow it up friend the ellement of suprise never share projects with outsiders always use a strong logon password example "£"[email protected]# -? -"£"! so that a brutwe force may or may not crack it use a hdd crypto or delete or hide directorys inside the computer from novice computer users or burn the data or store it somewere safe not on the computer but should i say got bandwidth got cracked there is no escape no-one is safe except for pgp users just a wee bit of advice please dont take it the worng way or kick his or her bollocks in and shake it out of them simple
Posted By: pergesu

Re: Expoited by a friend - 04/12/09 04:25 PM

Be like, "Yo dawg why you all up in my biznass." Then pop him in the nose and pour one out for the homies.
Posted By: TheAnt1H3ck

Re: Expoited by a friend - 02/05/10 08:40 AM

It sounds like you have windows and in that lies the problem switch to linux and it is then quite alot harder for people to break into your [censored]
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