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Why Panther may tear up Longhorn

Posted By: pergesu

Why Panther may tear up Longhorn - 05/24/03 05:22 PM,4248,1090247,00.asp

Just an article comparing the upcoming releases of Panther and Longhorn.
Posted By: jonconley

Re: Why Panther may tear up Longhorn - 05/25/03 02:40 PM

Tis unfortunate that it is only a mac alternative. I mean, I am sure it has resulted in the sell of macs, but to really compete successfully, it would need to run on the PC. i can't say anything about OSX, but just the large amount of disgruntled windows users, that would try it b/c purdy and their sick of BSOD, etc.

I realize that will never happen, but until something of that scale does, I think MS doesn't have much to worry about frown
Posted By: pergesu

Re: Why Panther may tear up Longhorn - 05/25/03 05:24 PM

I think Apple is slowly building a stronger market share. More people are using Macs in the workplace, because they don't want to deal with the bullshit. As that continues, they'll begin to use them in the home as well. The biggest problem, I think, is the price. However a two year old Mac is still perfectly usable for just about anything (except games, a weak point). A two year old PC running Windows is unusable for most daily uses. However I definitely say it's worth it. I'm a converted zealot now, I guess. Every computer I buy from now on will be a Mac, as long as Microsoft doesn't suddenly start putting out incredible OSes. I don't see that happening though wink
Posted By: fearENKI

Re: Why Panther may tear up Longhorn - 11/10/03 01:10 AM

microsoft still has its name as the top OS whether that be to a good or a bad effect. also, macs are very expensive(cheapest one is $799)as opposed to a windows platform, like 300$ for a shitty one, but one none the less
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Why Panther may tear up Longhorn - 11/10/03 05:35 AM

At my last job I actually was forced to learn MacOS X and MacOS 9, I can tell you this, I absolutely [censored] HATE MacOS 9, but I quite love MacOS X...

If you're familliar with Linux and XWindows, you're familliar with MacOS X; and it even has a Root account if you know how to enable it... It is in essance BSD with an X Window of Mac...

If I had a mac I'd most likely use it more often than my windows box... But it woudln't be hard to install linux software to emulate windows to run a few choice windows programs that i can't go without...
Posted By: pergesu

Re: Why Panther may tear up Longhorn - 11/10/03 06:46 AM

You can run Virtual PC to run all the windows programs you want.
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