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Posted By: crasy

support_388945a0 - 12/24/04 08:44 AM

i have this prog that is named belarc advisor and it gave me all this imfo about my comp and it said i have usernames and when they loged on then there is a couple of names that have been logged on befor i got this pc it says geust
what are those user names when i know geust but wat about helpassistant and support_... i never seen them befor not even in control panel users so can any one help
Posted By: Ghost

Re: support_388945a0 - 12/24/04 10:02 AM

If you view things from the User Management file, you won't see any accounts that are default, other than Administrator and Guest. You should see Guest in the User Management file, I don't know why you don't. All of those accounts are default with any Windows XP install. They're disabled, and nothing to worry about. They're only used if you're part of an Active Directory managed domain.
Posted By: crasy

Re: support_388945a0 - 12/25/04 12:26 AM

ok thanks thought someone could log on with those acounts
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: support_388945a0 - 12/25/04 09:03 AM

Read this
The documentation for the Dcgpofix.exe tool incorrectly indicates that the Dcgpofix tool will restore security settings in the Default Domain Controller Policy to the same state that they were in immediately after Dcpromo successfully completed. This is not the case.

It is best to use the Dcgpofix tool only in disaster recovery scenarios. The Dcpromo operation modifies the security of the domain in an incremental manner, based on the existing security settings on that server. Therefore, after you run Dcpromo, the final set of security settings in the Default Domain Controller Policy depends on both the Dcpromo operation and the security state of the system that existed before you ran Dcpromo. Before you run Dcpromo, the security state of the system can be modified by a number of mechanisms. For example, when you install some server applications, changes may be made to user rights that are granted to local user accounts, such as the SUPPORT_388945a0 account.
Appears to be a user account for an appliation called "DcPromo" or "Dcgpofix.exe"
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