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W32.HLLP.Handy Virus

Posted By: Chem

W32.HLLP.Handy Virus - 05/24/03 03:07 PM

I was searching for some ROMs on kazaa, and it seemed that almost every rom file I tried downloaded was infected with a virus known to McAfee as W32.HLLP.Handy. this little bugger at attaches itself to files in my shared folder in kazaa, and also my downloaded files in IE, my virus scanner picked up on this [censored] in seconds, its extremely easy to detect, which begs the question,

Why are so many people infected with this virus?
Posted By: pergesu

Re: W32.HLLP.Handy Virus - 05/24/03 05:01 PM

Because everybody uses Kazaa, and nobody uses virus scanners
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