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MSWord Document binary format

Posted By: zenon

MSWord Document binary format - 05/04/05 12:47 AM

Well I didn't know where to post this but here in the Win-forum. So, here it goes:

I've been trying to find some nice MSWord Document binary format description and/or documentation, but unfortunatelly didn't get anything of taste. Sure I've been googling around and got my hands on a "Microsoft Word 97 Binary File Format" file with a lot of descriptors which works great for those coding OLE 2.
Since I'm into C++ and Java2 this wasn't for me.
I also found a german site with some interesting stuff:

1) Do annyone out there have some good links/documentations on the MSWord format?
2) IF yes on (1) would you please enlighten me with such knowledge?

Posted By: Gremelin

Re: MSWord Document binary format - 05/04/05 01:06 AM

I know that various WORDpad programs can read the majority of MSWord, and I believe a few are OpenSource (and most are C/C++)...
Posted By: zenon

Re: MSWord Document binary format - 05/04/05 03:33 AM

Well yes, that's one way to go for it.
But I'm sure it would take substantially more time to get a grip on the MSWord binary file format by reading comments and code, what I need is a full/pariall documentation on the format.
AND... since Microsoft so kindly (as always) keeps everything hidden/expensive to make sure no one will ever see through their lies (and so forth.. a long morale speech we have all heard before) ... blabla.

Well yes... but I think it'll take to much time since Microsoft has managed to f*ck things upp good with the Microsoft Word 9.0 Binary file format.
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