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win longhorne

Posted By: chazman

win longhorne - 05/09/04 10:29 PM

when i traveled to europe i buy games movies and programs realy cheap so i came a cross this program that is named microsoft longhorn
and it said it was for testing purposes only

my queition is is it eligal to have it and what is it and is it good or what i just want some info about it if any one knows
Posted By: chazman

Re: win longhorne - 05/09/04 10:31 PM

ps send me any info on it to my email at http://[email protected]
Posted By: Chem

Re: win longhorne - 05/09/04 10:53 PM

Windows Longhorn is the next major operating system to be released by Microsoft, its is EXTREMELY alpha, and wont be released until mid 2006 at least.

At this time, asides from having a new file system that can stack E-Books by category (which uses 99% CPU), and a sidebar with an analog clock, there really isn't anything to explore in the latest released alpha (6.0.4053).

Most of the revolutionary advancements that Longhorn will have haven't been implemented yet, so there's really nothing to see, and the OS is so buggy and unstable that it really canít be used as an OS.

The alpha is worthless to just about everybody at this time, including developers, so I encourage you not to waste your time, not to mention that it's illegal to have.

I expect great things from Longhorn, but its years away and isn't even remotely useable at this time.
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: win longhorne - 05/10/04 08:27 AM

It is only legal to have LongHorn if you're a beta tester for Microsoft (would be cool to be but it'll never happen).
Posted By: chazman

Re: win longhorne - 05/12/04 02:00 AM

realy id did not know it was illigal what do i do just throw it away or do i break it first
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: win longhorne - 05/12/04 04:26 AM

Not worth having in the first place lol... just use it as a frisbee ;X
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