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Question about 'LC4'

Posted By: n3o

Question about 'LC4' - 09/17/03 04:51 AM


I downloaded 'LC4' about 3hours ago and am still getting used to it.

I was just woundering, is it possible to crack a password in a password dialog-box.

What i mean is, if you are on the net and a dialog appears asking you for user and pass will it be able to crack it, as long as you know what the username is? if so how?

Thanks to those who help!
Posted By: sinetific

Re: Question about 'LC4' - 09/17/03 06:45 AM

LophtCrack is designed only to crack microsoft SAM password files. Your looking for something like access diver.
Posted By: fleshwound

Re: Question about 'LC4' - 09/17/03 09:09 AM

Or perhaps revelation. It was used to reveal any ***** passwords in windows. If that or access diver doesn't help, look @
Posted By: jonconley

Re: Question about 'LC4' - 09/17/03 11:52 AM

NewOrder Windows Password Crack Link <-- Read descriptions to see which will work, some do different things and for different versions.
Posted By: n3o

Re: Question about 'LC4' - 09/19/03 04:21 AM

Thanks for some of the links, i appreciate it.

I will go and check some of those apps out, and see if that is the apps I'm looking for.

Thanks. smile
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