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Posted By: expatriate ghost

JS.Exception.Exploit - 07/14/02 11:20 AM

this is the first time i got a virus from a webpage (at least the first one I am aware of), it is called JS.Exception.Exploit and my Norton AntiVirus detected it right away.
it is apparently a trojan horse type virus, whatever the [censored] that is, and after running a scan, nothing was detected on the computer.
so...does anyone have some cents (or sense) to throw in about this little java script dealie? i think i'm in the clear now, since Norton picked up on it right away.
Norton said it could not repair the file, and i'm pretty sure it quarantined it. i purged all of the protected files so it should be ok.
Posted By: Nexus

Re: JS.Exception.Exploit - 07/14/02 01:25 PM

Full details from Symantecs' virus database (funnily enough wink )
Posted By: expatriate ghost

Re: JS.Exception.Exploit - 07/15/02 09:07 AM

I checked it out and it's all taken care of. Good looking out nex..
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