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Windows XP disk key

Posted By: Ghost

Windows XP disk key - 12/10/03 07:54 AM

the other day on my computer i discovered something really cool. its a program that allows you to create a disk that acts like a key, to start windows up. without the key you can not get to the login screen. the program is located in the system32 directory and is called "syskey.exe".
i dont know if anyone knew about this already but i think its pretty cool smile
Posted By: acid45

Re: Windows XP disk key - 12/20/03 11:24 PM

I found that exe and get the message
"This tool will allow you to configure the Accounts Database to enable additional encription, further protecting the database from compromise."

"Once enabled, this encription cannot be disabled."

Greyed radio button "Disable Encryption"
Radio Button "Enable Encryption"

There is a "update" button and it has the option sot store the key on a floppy disk. There should be additional options for a cd or USB drive.

I've never run this exe before and the radio button "Enable Encryption" is already chosen and the key is stored on my local machine.
Posted By: SG-4

Re: Windows XP disk key - 12/21/03 12:12 AM

I found it a while ago - I made one to prevent my brother locking me out of his computer.

Unfortunately, it doesn't stop them from deleting your entire existence from the system, making the "key" disk completely useless.

Posted By: Ghost

Re: Windows XP disk key - 12/22/03 11:24 PM

acid45 you can also set it to have a start up password instead of needing interaction with a disk.
Also SG-4 i would be interested in knowing exactly how your brother deleted your existence from the entire system. Im just guessing that he formated the hard drive because you locked him out of something that was his. Anyway it still protects your data from being read.
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