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HACKING: where do i start!!!

Posted By: n3o

HACKING: where do i start!!! - 10/05/03 05:57 AM


I joined a little while back and have asked some questions, but one of the main questions i have not yet asked, is becoming a hacker or the equivalent.

I have looked on the Internet about various topics relating to hacking and network security, but find it difficult as where to start first.

Hopefully there are some of you 'ELITE HACKERS' out there to point me in the right direction as to,what i will need, how to start and where to start.

Help would be greatly appreciated :)

Thanks for those who help!
Posted By: pergesu

Re: HACKING: where do i start!!! - 10/06/03 12:42 AM

jonconley wrote a thread a while back titled "How to be a Hacker." I can't find it, it used to be a sticky thread somewhere, along with being linked to in his quote. Anyway, this is moved to Newbie, where more people will see it. I'm sure jon will link you to his good post.
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