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Windows Login

Posted By: Ntd

Windows Login - 09/22/03 02:49 PM

How do you create a custom windows login. By custom i mean changing the background picture and colours (Australian spelling)?
Posted By: n3o

Re: Windows Login - 09/23/03 01:37 AM


Firstly, what OS you running?
Posted By: n3o

Re: Windows Login - 09/23/03 02:34 AM

I thought about it, and i take it you are running 'XP'.

To customize the logon you will need to modify the 'logonui.exe', to do this click on the URL and download 'ResHacker' using this program you will be able to open up 'logonui.exe' and replace the original images with ones of your own.

Make sure that when your modifying file you make a backup, and the images you are replacing are the same size in resolution as the originals.
Posted By: jonconley

Re: Windows Login - 09/23/03 11:53 AM

I think there is more to it with XP and it is much more sensitive to being fuct with in that aspect, as compared to any other MS OS. I would check out for further information, they have plenty on hacking your appearance and a complete walkthrough on what files are affects, what to replace, etc.

Yes, I do believe you can use resource hacker, but there are some other important things to know before you start.

Edit: Finding the threads on took too long. Check out these links that sum it up pretty damn well;
and as mentioned in the post, there is good instructions and links @ also.
Posted By: Ntd

Re: Windows Login - 09/25/03 02:34 PM

Posted By: bosky101

Re: Windows Login - 10/21/03 12:36 AM

what bout with win 2k ? (both versions)
Posted By: Gollum

Re: Windows Login - 10/21/03 05:40 AM

i use a program from crash course software. it's nothing great, but from what i've heard it's a pain in the [censored] to change this stuff. windows automatically protects certain files, and they make it a pain to turn off the file protection (going through registry hacks, rebooting, changing more settings) if you really want to, you can, but this simple program worked for me.//
Posted By: jonconley

Re: Windows Login - 10/21/03 09:10 AM

and again, has info for w2k, just take the 10 seconds to look yourself.
Posted By: fearENKI

Re: Windows Login - 11/10/03 01:06 AM

i wouldn't do it, it can [censored] alot of [censored] up...and it may take alot longer for it to load if it's a hi res image- my friend did it once and it was just annoying as hell. I forgot what the program was, but you can get a program to do it for you-ill try to find out and then post it up.
Posted By: George Jones

Re: Windows Login - 11/19/03 03:32 AM

How can I get the administrator password on Windows 98? Administrator was fired and can't get in....
KISS thanks
Posted By: Infinite

Re: Windows Login - 11/19/03 12:00 PM

Dude, Don't double post. ASk once and if anyone knows they'll tell you. Spamming our boards is not the way to get answers.
Posted By: jcdsog

Re: Windows Login - 02/10/04 07:53 PM

i changed my boot screen and logon screen (xppro) but it made my system restore not work anymore.
Posted By: jonconley

Re: Windows Login - 02/11/04 11:42 AM

system restore doesn't work to begin with smile
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Windows Login - 02/11/04 12:07 PM

Lol Sys Restore is worthless.
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