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College firewalls

Posted By: zulia

College firewalls - 08/25/03 02:04 AM

yeah, umm, i am trying to get around my college's firewall (they are blocking us from downloading and whatnot) what should i do to get around it without being detected or having to download some program (i would like to do it myself)
Posted By: Predator

Re: College firewalls - 08/25/03 04:25 AM

lol well it's "easy", gain administrative rights on the firewall (server), change the settings, clear the logs (if there are any) and voila, you're done, you can do whatever you want. But than again, breaking into computers is illegal and if you ever get caught you're in big troubles.
So the best thing to do is don't do things you're not supposed to and pay attention in your cs classes. laugh
Posted By: Infinite

Re: College firewalls - 08/25/03 06:04 AM

Other options are such things as an http tunnel. A good example of a program that does just this is You can tunnel over more that just http, just find an open port and use it.

Posted By: zulia

Re: College firewalls - 08/25/03 07:01 AM

Thanks, i will remeber that Predator and i think i might try the http-tunnel sounds like a better idea... but how well do they work... i heard they can really mess up you computer.
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