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hack windows xp

Posted By: HurriJ

hack windows xp - 01/28/04 04:28 AM

hey, im a noob to hack, but i try to learn it and have read mass books about linux/unix, c/c++ etc.
i need help to hack a guy from my school.
i know hes login/pass and ip. he has winxp, but i can't port scan him (don't know why) and dont know what i should do to hack him.
Posted By: Infinite

Re: hack windows xp - 01/28/04 08:07 AM

You can't scan him cause winxp has a built in firewall that's turned on by default.
Posted By: sinetific

Re: hack windows xp - 01/28/04 09:41 AM

a syn scan will bypass a windows XP firewall, but still you wont be able to establish a connection.
Posted By: HurriJ

Re: hack windows xp - 01/30/04 05:47 AM

hmm oki, i will try to do something wink
Posted By: dancing_galaxy

Re: hack windows xp - 02/21/04 06:17 PM

Try RPC exploitation, to get a remote shell...

Posted By: SilentRage

Re: hack windows xp - 02/23/04 09:57 PM

This topic has been pointed out to me in IRC asking if it is against tos/policy.

I would just like to remind people that this board does not allow "how-to-hack" questions. We also do not allow "how-to-hack" answers. While Hurrij did not precisely ask how-to-hack, he came close. It was more of a "why-can't-I-scan" question; to which most replies were ok in their content. However, dancing_galaxy came close to giving a "how-to-hack" answer (which turned out to be impossible cause of what sin said ***frowns at dancing_galaxy***) so I felt that a reminder was in order.
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