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problem in DNS name resolution

Posted By: pTcircUit

problem in DNS name resolution - 04/22/05 05:45 PM

hi, i have one strange problem (strange to me) in my network. I have a network with an internal DNS server that is an master server for the zone
it maps internal computer names to its addresses. is just an example nothing more, it doesn't correspond to my real dns.

Then i have a second dns server that maps external hostnames to its ip addresses.

the problem is that some computers inside my network can't resolv hostnames that are defined in the external dns server, those computers have both dns servers specified, first the internal and then the external.

it just happens with some computer so i am thinking its a problem in the clients.

I know that windows for example (and everything else) tryies to resolv a name in the primary name server if it isn't successfull it tryies the next. But the zone that the internal name server is responsible for is, and the external also uses the same is it possible that the clients query the internal dns server for the hostname that is only in the external and the internal says it doesn't exists and the clients stop there because the internal is responsible for so it shouldn't be necessary to continue?
Posted By: SilentRage

Re: problem in DNS name resolution - 04/23/05 05:25 AM

hey there, I don't really do the webboard thing anymore, but somebody told me on IRC that you asked a DNS question, and I'm the guy to get DNS answers from. Could you please join the UGN IRC server and I'll help you there. It'll be a lot faster that way.

To join the UGN IRC, you should download and install mIRC at that link. Then you can click the IRC link on the bottom of the following page:

DollarDNS Contact Page

Or, you could use the nasty java client at the following URL and join the #DollarDNS channel.

I'm going to be leaving in a half hour and be back to the IRC in a few hours. Otherwise, I'm usually active.
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