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Need advice: Mandriva interface program


Need advice: Mandriva interface program - 03/05/08 04:43 AM

Currently, I'm running windows XP, and Mac OSX on my Macbook Pro. I tried running Linux Fedora 6 but Mac OSX is super easy to use and I've been using Windows since diapers, so it was difficult for me to trouble-shoot Fedora.

I'm currently studying programming (in case it's relevant: I plan to be using HTML, CSS, javascript, PHP, MySQL and soon, C++ to some degree). I do some graphics work, but mostly on my Mac software. I logged on to a website that is supposed to tell you what version of Linux would work best for you ( and it recommended Mandriva (formerly Mandrake). I'm hoping to have a better experience than last time. The interface I was looking at is Back Track 1.0. Again, I'm just beginning on Linux. Can anyone tell me if this is a good choice, or recommend a good graphical interface?

Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Need advice: Mandriva interface program - 03/05/08 10:47 AM

again, i must ask... Why run fedora when MacOSX is running on BSD? Theoretically, anything you can do in Linux (or Unix) you should be able to do in OSX (As it runs on BSD which is Unix).
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