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Free BSD forums?

Posted By: sprinter

Free BSD forums? - 04/07/02 07:08 AM

looking to get back up to speed on Free BSD anybody have any good links? i played with 4.3 some whats the latest rev 4.4?
Posted By: Predator

Re: Free BSD forums? - 04/07/02 08:45 AM

Well this belongs in the unix section, so there it will be.

And if you want to know where they are now, just go to their website
Posted By: Gremelin

Re: Free BSD forums? - 04/07/02 08:50 AM

Generally on their website you can view what updates were made, so you'd get a better bearing than what we could provide if you took 30 seconds to go look.
Posted By: sprinter

Re: Free BSD forums? - 04/07/02 02:29 PM

i was hoping that maybe someone was running free BSD here and could give some personal favorite spots for info. i went to and it is plenty helpful. in the past it was hard to find an active forum for users of this OS. maybe i should just subscribe to the mailing list(s)? im impressed that they are at relaese 4.5 stable and it hasnt been that long since i played with it last smile. i bought 4.2 with the manuals etc. mainly paid for the book as it can be DLed(<--i think we all know this) for free and it was worth every penny too. walnut creek rox.
Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: Free BSD forums? - 04/07/02 09:22 PM

I've played with FreeBSD, yet not a user. However it like Unix/Linux is free (hell it's called FreeBSD). All open scource, the only thing u pay for is packages and books.
Posted By: sprinter

Re: Free BSD forums? - 04/08/02 05:47 AM

yeah i have installed and configured a basic setup of freebsd 4.3 but i just played with it nothing serious. i would much rather read the book than man pages frown. it was worth the $$ i paid for it IMO. besides im supporting the cause which is always a good thing smile.

imma try again when i get motorvated to put another box together. i have several boxes(boxen?) just lying in pieces but well just havent been in the mood.

i subscribed to one of the many mailing list so we will see where that leads.
Posted By: hKzKnight

Re: Free BSD forums? - 04/08/02 04:43 PM

Well good deal and good luck. Yes glad to hear you support the cause. Everyone here should support the open scource revolution (well that is what I think LOL). Hmm I would say you call it boxes. Well have fun, go build some. I have a LAN in my house, I just build PCs, do all sorts of stuff for the hell of it LOL. Take care.
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